IPhone 6 and Apple Pay may be the best partner of bitcoin

IPhone 6 and Apple Pay may be the best partner of bitcoin

Apple announced yesterday, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus officially opened customer service, the first 3 days of sales exceeded 10 million, a record of history. Next month, the mobile payment system Apple Pay will operate in iPhone there is a free update system.
This is a good time to. At the beginning of the September Home Depot credit card data system was “hackers” attack things, make consumers fear again, pay attention to the safety question.
Retailers in the manipulation of these loss, seemed unable to. Businesses in security costs, to maintain profitability, security costs will eventually be passed on to consumers.
Bitcoin is not a solution? Consumers do not think so. According to a recent inquiry about digital currency, Americans worry list is security questions.

Perhaps the iPhone 6 will be able to “rescue” bitcoin

Bitcoin wallet company Glidera founder and CEO David Ripley, bitcoin future full of enthusiasm, he thought the great success of the supply of Apple will be able to assist the encryption of currency.
Any new payment skills are facing a “chicken and egg question.”. He showed that before boarding “,” consumer businesses bear the payment mechanism, the use of small. But if consumers cannot in any place using this payment method, he will be less attention and the application of this method of payment. Bitcoin in its short history before, also in the face of this challenge, Apple will face payment innovation.
Apple has 800 million of consumers
“Google Wallet is compared with an excellent example, but it is not the same as Apple Pay is apple from the top day, there are big consumers in” boarding, to take off “situation.”
With a iTunes account of 800 million consumers is useful to consumers, they are also 800 million of credit card users,
“If we are talking about is a mobile payment mechanism, this mechanism will make everyone’s habits, from the use of credit cards, converted to the use of mobile devices.” Ripley added. “If (consumers) have the opportunity to use a month, they will be re test once, then they could not then often test. But if they sometimes machine use it several times a week, or a day by several times — this is not the same.”

Apple Pay will bring what?

“The credit card out of your wallet, use your mobile phone, what are the advantages? As the capital, a little bit of good safety, the other is no different, because everything is running in the same old payment system, you must face some challenges, about the cost, safety, and slow.” Ripley show.
For businesses, these challenges will be cut in several times. Businesses will face a “huge” credit card fees, disposal delay, and security challenges.
“With Apple and Pay, these questions in some ways, will become more severe.”
But bitcoin can give consumers a practical advantage
“The old pay system, bitcoin has infinite advantage.” He said. “Rapid, low cost, global, open, strong applicability. In terms of security, especially significant”.
Merchants are aware of bitcoin advantages, and promote the use of digital currency as payment method, advance its tolerance, and often offer discounts, and other incentives to promote consumer acceptance of digital currency.
“Apple Pay will bring, is to promote the many businesses to carry their mobile payment system, under this method, a bitcoin, is benefited.”
Ripley is able to show that, in order to use Apple Pay, businesses will advance their system, and then will find, after just briefly installed on the other, they can be realized under the same bitcoin payment brings cost advantages.
At the same time, Apple will become accustomed to guide consumers pay using a mobile phone, rather than a credit card.

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