Is the encrypted currency the new evidence of the bubble?

nnnWalking time comment: block chain technology itself is very complex, even the technical staff are mostly not understand. So understanding the encrypted currency is not easy. However, despite the currency fluctuations, the market is not yet mature. However, it is an important way to understand block-chain technology through encrypted currency. Moreover, like the previous Internet bubble, rupture at the same time, or the company survived and grow, or bring the popularity of Internet technology.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nOver the past few months the encrypted currency news is chaotic, and quick profit is expected under no one can be calm. The industry is growing staggering, and this year, many of the leading tokens prices soared to new highs, with the total market capitalization of all the money to $ 120 billion. There are analysts warning return as meteor-like beauty, long-term can not be expected. Encrypted money growth may be in the long-term speculation over cash; others say that the field of digital money is the bubble. A few months did not change the Forbes analyst Clem Chambers of this argument, recently also issued a special explanation.n
nThe bubble is not good, but not all badn
nChambers said that the field of encrypted money is short-term bubble, medium and long term to see the industry or to get up. Chambers said that even if investors feel the market eventually to the bottom, or should be involved. the reason? “Because there are so many decimal places for encrypted money, some are basically toy tokens.” Even investing $ 100 is enough to make the most skeptical investors understand the new technology, and how it changes the investment area. The key is that no matter how and when the encrypted currency bubble is broken, it will have a long-term impact on the larger investment area.n
nChambers mentioned some of the world’s largest companies, that was once in the dotcom rise period. Despite the last dotcom bubble burst, these large companies still continue to survive, or even grow.n
nEncrypting money is the key to understanding the block chainn
nChambers believes that investors should spend time watching one of the reasons for encrypting money, even if the bubble is broken, the encrypted currency is the key to understanding the block chain principle. The block chain that supports the encrypted currency world has many uses that can be in the monetary field and can also be outside of other areas. Chambers believes that “this exciting frenzy will overflow at some point in the traditional highly regulated equity world, and anyone who takes the opportunity at this time can get a good return.”n
nOf course, Chambers’s opinion is just a kind of current volatility in the money market, the short term may get rich may be lost. If there is a bubble, when broken, when the market crashes, suffer a lot. But who let us still have the reason to invest in encrypted money.n

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