“Israel ban ICO” was confirmed as false news, entrepreneurs seeking to establish “Encryption Kingdom”

nBankruptcy comments: Although Israel had previously reported a complete ban on ICO news, but has confirmed the news is not true, and the sources said the Israeli regulators may take the opposite action rumors. However, these agencies are still engaged in intensive discussions on the issue. As to the ultimate outcome of the debate, we are still not aware of it and can only wait patiently.n
nTranslation: Inan
Should people be free to invest bitcoin as they see fit to take on themselves as responsible adults? Or rely on the state to protect them to avoid potential losses, but also stifle innovation? This is the issue that Israel is facing now, and its regulatory agencies are debating how to deal with the challenge of cryptocurrencies and ICO phenomena.n
ICO ban?n
To Israeli entrepreneurs and ICO investors, fortunately, the news that Israel will ban the ICO completely is inaccurate and exaggerated. In fact, we have talked to a person who has a close relationship with the matter and he is willing to publicly support the ICO, which is very different from the banning of news that did not come before.n

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