Israel regulators set up tokens sales research association

nnnThe Israeli Securities Authority announced the establishment of an ICO-supervised association to explore whether its existing securities laws are applicable to tokens sales activities. The move indicates that Israel may begin to regulate ICO. In light of the recent statements of other Governments, it is clear that the current authorities tend to treat some ICOs as securities.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe Israeli regulatory body has set up a new association to study the applicability of its securities laws to ICO.n
nThe news on August 30 announced that the Israeli Securities Authority (Israeli Securities Authority) is a summary of the proposed, may be on the ICO supervision. A report containing these recommendations will be released by the end of December. Officials of the committee will also study the practices adopted by other regulators around the world and the “enforceability of securities law in the field”.n
nThis move has made Israel’s securities regulator the latest regulatory body to explore the thorny issue of ICO regulation.n
nJust last week, Canadian regulators issued an employee notice that, in its view, some block-based chains should be regarded as securities. However, the Canadian Securities Regulatory Authority (CSA) is more active and encourages companies planning to carry out ICO to contact them.n
nOther regulators, including regulators in Singapore and the United States, have also disclosed plans to regulate ICOs. Their position is the same as in Canada, and that although some of the tokens are classified as securities, some of the tokens with some independent utility are not.n
nThis news is worth noting because some of the start-up companies in Israel have planned or planned to raise funds through this model. Among them, the most concerned about the matter may be Bancor, which through the June tokens sales financing more than 150 million US dollars.n
nAccording to data collected by CoinDesk’s ICO Tracker, the money raised through the ICO has so far been around $ 2 billion.n

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