Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: Bitcoin is rising, the bank is doomed to disappear

nBankruptcy commentary: bitcoin prices soared this year, the media coverage of this topic continuously, many national leaders expressed their views on bitcoin. Now, one of the country’s leaders, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, also expressed his opinion about the craze brought by the Bitcoin. The Israeli regulatory body is also expected to announce a friendly ICO legal framework by the end of this month.n
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Since the beginning of this year, the value of bitcoin has skyrocketed. The media has been reporting on this topic continuously. In this craze, there are still some world leaders who have not expressed their opinions on this topic. This is indeed a bit unexpected. And now, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally made a speech on Bitcoin.n
The press was asked by reporters at an informal Q u0026 A session at the Israeli parliament dinner about his opinion on whether individuals should invest bitcoin. In response, he replied:n
n”First of all, why can not you sell money? And why not? That’s the same. The reason you can not sell your money is that you are very worried and want a middleman to deal with those risks. This is why banks exist. Is the bank destined to disappear? The answer is yes! So what will happen in the near future, or will it be affected by Bitcoin? This is the problem, but the truth is, All that I said is the motivation behind Bitcoin’s move forward. “n
nWhen asked later about the current rate of change, the Prime Minister added:n
n”It is impossible that nothing will continue to develop at this rate.”n
nNetanyahu graduated from MIT and prior to his political career, he was an economic advisor to the Boston Consulting Group.n
Encrypt the countryn
Like many other countries, Israel has also been immersed in bitter fanaticism over the past few weeks. The local press reports the price changes daily, interviewing people who become millionaires overnight, and showing the long queues of Tel Aviv bitcoin ATMs.n
Israeli financial media are also eyeing bitcoin because all the news related to cryptocurrencies these days brings a lot of traffic and viewership. At the moment, the biggest news is that gold companies listed on the Tel Aviv Securities Exchange turned to bitcoin mining. Its share soared 3750%, after which regulators stepped up to oppose the company’s practice. And another headline in this regard is Colu, a locally-based cryptocurrency development company, which received $ 14.5 million in investment from IDB Development Corporation, Israel’s largest holding company. The Israeli regulatory body is also expected to announce a friendly ICO legal framework by the end of this month.n

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