IT giant Fujitsu’s block chain diversified business model deployment plan

nnnIn the past, the company has announced that it will start the corresponding commercialization process. The company has announced that it will start the corresponding commercial process. To provide business customers with the corresponding services to help them improve the internal operating system and the efficiency of these companies’ customer service projects. At present, the system has reached the customer’s performance requirements, the future will be based on the number of users to further upgrade, while increasing the application of the technology business model categories.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nIT giant Fujitsu (Fujitsu) revealed in the super book (Hyperledger) Fabric chain chain on the latest details of commercial projects.n
nFujitsu participated in the core of this distributed book business platform, and now began commercialization of the “double plan.”n
nBecause the codebase revision has made some more adjustments, the Japanese company plans to begin selling customer service projects to increase the efficiency of the enterprise’s internal operations systems and operations associated with potential customers.n
nFujitsu spokesman said:n
nn”We do not plan to limit it to a business model, but rather use it in a variety of ways.With the increase in block chain speed, we hope to achieve a stable response capability, including the increase in the number of users” Then
nnLast month CoinDesk reported that the company’s R u0026 D department used the software to reach a rate of 1,350 transactions per second, and the company said the deal was a response to the customer’s “high performance” requirements.n
nAs a result of this project, Fujitsu is now beginning to attract customers with another company, IBM, which plans to commercialize Fabric. They are the only companies that are currently planning to do so. But there are other fabrics on the market today’s propagandists.n
nFujitsu spokesman said the company is not worried about using the same technology platform to build will bring competition.n

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