It’s a scam. Don’t invest. I’ve just been cheated

It is not recommended to invest in letcoin. At present, lettercoin is generally not optimistic in the industry. Although lettercoin claims to be Bitcoin But it failed. There is no innovation. It once claimed that it was not suitable for ASIC mining machine mining, but eventually became a joke. Li Feng, the originator of leycoin ASIC mining machine, said frankly that no currency is not suitable for ASIC mining machine. Since the central bank’s announcement in 2013, letcoin and bitcoin have been in a long-term downturn.

Litecoin is based on peer-to-peer technology, which can help users pay to anyone in the world immediately. Litecoin is the virtual currency second only to bitcoin’s global circulation market value.

Inspired by bitcoin (BTC), the principle of technology implementation is the same. No central organization of litecoin manages the creation and transfer of encryption protocols based on open source.

Compared with bitcoin, litecoin aims to improve bitcoin, and litecoin has three significant differences.

First, it takes 5 minutes (instead of 10 minutes) to process a block every 2. So it can provide faster transaction confirmation.

Second, litecoin predicts that the network will generate 84 million litecoin, four times the amount of currency issued on the bitcoin network.

Third, litocoin is used to prove its workload. For the first time, compared with bitcoin, sscrypt is easier to implement in common computer. Itecoin is divided into 100000, and 000 smaller units are defined by eight decimal places.

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