It’s beyond my imagination. The London taxi driver sells bitcoins to the passengers

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According to news.bitcoin, a London taxi driver Dave Jenkins called “encryption driver”, he not only sent passengers, also took the opportunity to sell bitcoin to customers.

Dave Jenkins carry a can make people buy bitcoin equipment, allegedly, the hardware made by Fastbitcoins, which allows the encryption driver to sell the BTC in the form of cash, and then provide a receipt to the buyer. Jenkins said, for he and trading customers, than in London registered exchange or use encryption currency AMT much easier, because the encryption currency may need KYC ID AMT. Jenkins think he is the first to provide encryption currency to buy a taxi driver.

Allegedly, Jenkins began to receive BTC taxi service from 2017, he himself does not seem to worry about the price of BTC will decline.

Jenkins pointed out that the passengers can contact him through Twitter account, and in dollars and euros and pounds to buy the form of bitcoin. However, Jenkins said he was just to earn a few cents worth of bitcoin fee, he himself does not make money by selling encryption currency.

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