Jack Ma predictions come true? Fell to $3500 from $15000, bitcoin plunged more than 70

[ALENG] the media since the early November 26th Zhuangao, although there is the risk of investment, but for the Internet industry, so far no one investment that can be compared to encryption currency, this is not because of its high yield, on the contrary, the value plummeted, become crazy hot money encryption is a true portrayal of years. Enter after November, as the representative of bitcoin encryption currency has suffered by bitcoin prices plummeted, for example, the highest in December 2017 reached $15000, $20000 or even once came close at alarming, but as of last weekend, bitcoin has dropped to $3500, worth tens of billions of dollars, is half a year. Immeasurably vast difference.

Bitcoin’s decline from the start of 2018 January.

1 2017 17, bitcoin prices from 15000 high dollar fell to $10000, then continues to decline. To the second half of this year, especially from the beginning of 11 months, bitcoin potential as the drain to 40% will decline in price to $3900, while the last weekend, even once fell to $3500, eye popping.


From the beginning of 2017 to less than $800, to the end of the year to nearly $20000, today fell to 3500 U.S. dollars, bitcoin like a crazy roller coaster, so many people exclaim, marvel! Collapse of bitcoin, let many people lose everything, and people who buy Huaqiang North mill, said the bank is now selling the silk stockings. In the majority of people do not know what time bitcoin, bitcoin has brilliant figure with its fireworks, amid controversy over the first half of the performance, then decide on what path to follow is still difficult.

When bitcoin very influential, not only to create a like Zhao Changpeng encryption currency billionaire (he to 20 billion dollars worth Forbes once among the billionaires list, and on the cover of the magazine “Forbes”), but also let more people to 1 million, 10 million in investment. But even Ge Buffett Warren, had expressed doubts and see crypto currency. 2018 years 5 months, Buffett publicly evaluate bitcoin, he said, “the money will eventually encryption is very bad, because they do not have any related to the value of the asset.” In that year, when the bitcoin value of $100, Buffett said it is only when the rat poison, bitcoin is close to $10000, the reporter asked Buffett how to evaluate, he said dismissively, “that is certainly the rat poison thing square!”

Was not optimistic about the encryption currency not only is Buffett, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma Yun is not optimistic. Jack Ma once said, “but the crypto currency is a bubble, but not a bubble chain block.” Today, when the double eleven 10th anniversary, block chain has become one of the Alibaba four core strategy, but also based on the block chain encryption currency tumbled to make people have to admire too horrible to look at, such as Buffett, Jack Ma Daga, in all the people crazy upside, nor when sober, wait-and-see people can get the final victory.

Of course, the China said: Well, how can we know bad fortune! The encryption currency plummeted, may also be the rational market start, if so, it is of course very good thing, although the price process is also very painful. (100, exclusive content)

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