Jaguar Land Rover supports DOVU to integrate the block chain into the future automotive industry

nnnRunaway: UK start-up DOVU uses block-chain technology to create a “global transportation data market.” Plans to October 3, 2021 tokens sales, funds used to build a distributed market. The project was acquired by Jaguar Land Rover and the UK government-backed fund Creative England. The Advisory Board includes Lars Klawitter, Director of the Rolls-Royce Custom and Director of the Foundation.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe block chain is an open source free to the center of the accounting system, multiple computers on the record transactions. The first use case is to track the first real currency of the encrypted currency, but it can also be used to track anything else, such as electronics. So, if you can automatically record the power flow between the charging station and the car, you can provide support for the evolving charging station infrastructure.n
nAnother use is to really automate the car, you need an open platform to carry you with the car and the owner (more and more impossible), the infrastructure supplier, the insurer and any other party you can think of Data exchange. The block chain is suitable for this purpose. So began to use these ideas of the start-up companies.n
nA new British start-up is going to do so. DOVU aims to become a “global transportation data market”. Plans to October 3, 2021 tokens sales, funds for the distributed market, “the transport-related API output and input” to “DOV” tokens based.n
nAlthough many of the tokens are now sold, there are many other start-ups in the automotive industry, and the difference between DOVU is closely related to the transport sector. April 2017 DOVU Seed Wheel Financing Jaguar Land Rover Investment InMotion Ventures, UK-backed fund Creative England investment.n
nCEO and founder Irfon Watkins is a continuous entrepreneur who has created and sold a company across multiple APIs, including a large-scale advertising platform, Coull. His advisory committee includes Rolls-Royce Customized Director and Director of Ethereum Foundation Lars Klawitter. DOVU co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Arwen Smit, Chief Operating Officer Krasina Mileva.n
nNow transport data is locked in multiple platforms, and by using block-chain technology, DOVU hopes to disclose the data for public and corporate use, providing trust for businesses or individuals. The principle of the DOVU system is to create a distributed market for transport data. In other words, car leasing, insurance companies, carpool and other participants will be interconnected, the formation of transport-related data resources network. The value of data sharing is higher because it is shared, not because it is locked in a single platform. This will give interesting companies such as excellent problems. Imagine you’re going to create a “gifted alliance”?n
nWatkins said:n
nn”The transportation department knows the purpose of using real-time data and intelligent technology for what you want to achieve, but you do not know how to do it.VOVU is the missing part of everyone’s fast, secure global data sharing portal.”n
nnDOVU can combine vehicle data and insurance data to calculate better insurance terms, or combine user data and weather data to inform the taxi company.n
nSimilar to the game currency, the data contributor can obtain the token token based on the quality of the information it enters.n
nThis means that through the smart phone application, not only can unlock the shared enterprise, automatically log on to the DOVU platform, but also allows you to sell or share car data when driving.n
nIt can even let you track yourself while moving (walking, running, riding, driving), allowing you to sell the data, get DOV tokens, and then buy petrol, train tickets or car tickets. Began to move up, for your car to provide funds for the habit.n
nYou can see that this is the new car world.n

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