Japan Bic Camera all stores are paid by Bitcoin

nnnHotline: CoinDesk4 month reported that the Japanese Electronic Plus Shop Bicopedia began to receive Bitcoin payment in the department store, the current service will be further expanded, the earliest this month to achieve all the stores are subject to the goal of the same currency to pay. This proves that Japan’s digital currency application is further mature, but also indicates its future development, for other countries also have some inspiration.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nJapan’s electronics retailer, Bic Camera, has expanded its choice of accepting Bitcoin to its stores across the country.n
nAccording to the Nikkei Asia Review, Bic Camera began to accept Bitcoin payments at several designated locations in April, and is now expanding to other places after seeing the alarming needs of consumers. The company’s service is jointly developed with BitFlyer of Japan’s Bitcoin Exchange, which converts the received bitcoils into yen by bitFlyer.n
nBic Camera sells a variety of products, including cameras, personal computers and dishwashers and other household appliances.n
nBefore the Bic Camera initially announced the payment of Bitcoin, the Japanese government issued a number of rules on the regulation of digital currency and exchange services to manage it, treating bitmaps as legitimate payment instruments.n
nThese provisions appear after the collapse of the MIT GOT. Mark Karpeles, chief executive officer of Mt Gox, recently appeared to deny misappropriation of public funds.n
nAccording to the “Nikkei” reported, Bic Camera may be in this month to achieve all stores have to accept Bitcoin payment, and its brand Kojima may also be in the near future to provide this payment options.n

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