Japan DMM launched a large-scale encryption of mines and showrooms

nRunaway Comment: After the Japanese entertainment giant announced the establishment of a cryptocurrency exchange, it plans to open mines and mines in the country and complete the construction and opening of the exhibition hall in March. According to the market, the company will choose the most profitable currency at that time. There are also two types of miner configurations. In the future, cloud mines will also be developed to open ordinary users to buy mining rights.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Japanese entertainment giant DMM launched “large-scale Japanese quality mines” and plans to deploy more mines overseas. DMM will also launch a showroom to allow the public to visit the mine as well as the mine.n
DMM mine in Japann
DMM Inc, the popular e-commerce website for 27 million members, announced the launch of a mine in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.n
n”DMM operates large-scale ‘Japanese-quality’ mines at an incalculable scale compared to other domestic carriers, and we set up mines in cold blocks and we have achieved the goal of generating electricity at a low price and maximizing mining revenue.”n

DMM is located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan.n
In addition, the company revealed that its mine “has also become an open showroom where our customers can enter.” Showroom will exhibit 1,000 mines. “We plan to open the showroom from March, and we plan to start the general public’s visit from mid-March.”n
After Japan’s announcement, the company plans to deploy more mines overseas. Local media reports, “From the domestic start, DMM engineering team directly involved in the operation, quality assurance, to win the trust of domestic users.”n
DMM mining machinen
According to the press, DMM is equipped with two mine machines, ASICs and GPUs in the mine that allow companies to tap into different kinds of cryptocurrencies. “DMM’s ASIC miner is made in China with a processing speed of 650 MH / s and GPU miner speed of 300 MH / s or below.”n
The news said, “ASIC and GPU power consumption is 750W and 1900 to 2000W respectively.” GPU mine with 12 graphics card to connect the two power supplies.n
DMM said it will dig several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin. Shinichi Takaguchi, a DMM mining lab, told the media that “we are not specific to bitcoin,” but stressed “Of course we also dig bitcoin.” He reiterated that depending on the market, they would dig up all the most profitable currencies at the time.n
n”In the future, we plan to start managing the DMM mine and plan to develop a cloud mining facility that will allow ordinary users to purchase mining rights around the summer.”n
nDMM also recently launched a cryptocurrency exchange that supports seven different cryptocurrencies and fourteen pairs of transactions.n

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