Japan for the government contract bidding system test block chain

nnnIt is reported that Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will begin bidding for the government to test the block chain system, hoping to use the technology to improve the efficiency of the existing bidding process, combined with previous US similar test point of view, this block chain new use cases Will get more government attention.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nIt is reported that Japan is seeking to apply the block chain to the government contract bidding online system.n
nAccording to the Nikkei Asia Review, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which oversees the Japanese administrative system and administers local governments, will test the zone chain system for the government in April this year, from April to March 2018.n
nDuring the tendering process, the government collects contractual tenders from suppliers and collects information from these companies to assess who is responsible for the project. Japanese officials want to explore the possibility of using existing chain-chain technology to connect government agencies with the information they need to improve the efficiency of existing processes. If this vision can be achieved, the block chain will be part of the back-end system that will enable the organization to share data.n
nAccording to the OECD survey, Japan’s annual government procurement market value of more than 600 billion US dollars, accounting for 16.2% of its gross domestic product, accounting for 38.3% of total public expenditure.n
nAccording to the Nikkei, concerns about government procurement have led to a broader strategy for integrating block-chain technology into e-government systems. It is said that its future plans include sharing some of the test results with private sector partners.n
nJapan is not the only country to test this use case. CoinDesk reported earlier this month that the US General Services Agency is planning to create prototypes in the tender to explore how the chain chain will improve contract review of IT vendors.n

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