Japan GMO Internet Group launched the Bitcoin salary management system

nBankruptcy comment: Japan’s Internet giant GMO Internet Group disclosed yesterday that the company will soon be realized in the form of bitcoin employees get part of the pay. It is reported that, GMO plans to begin in February 2018 GMO Internet Co., Ltd. internal implementation of the system, and gradually extended to the entire group. The latest statement shows that the new system will make it easy for employees to buy bitcoin through the name GMO coin.n
nTranslation: Clovern
Japanese internet giant GMO Internet Group revealed yesterday that the company will soon use bitcoin to pay employees part of the pay.n
GMO plans to launch the system internally within GMO Internet Limited in February 2018 and will gradually expand to the entire group and more than 4,000 of its employees will follow this system.n
The company said:n
n”GMO Internet Group will promote virtual currency-related work across the group to contribute to the development of global virtual currency.”n
nGMO announced its first Digital Money Distribution (ICO) program in October, saying the new token will be used in a forthcoming payment system for a range of products.n
According to the latest statement, the new system will use a token called “GMO coin” to enable employees to buy bitcoin.n
According to the company, employees have a minimum wage of 10,000 yen (about 88 U.S. dollars) in their monthly salaries and a ceiling of 100,000 yen (about 882 U.S. dollars), as well as a bonus of 10%.n
GMO in Tokyo set up a crypto-currency exchange in May 2017, entering cryptocurrency for the first time. The company provides web hosting and a range of other digital services and in September announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency mining business to start in the first half of 2018.n

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