Japan: SBI Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange with Fire Coin

nBankruptcy commentary: Yesterday, Japan’s financial services group SBI announced co-operation with fire currency to carry out cryptocurrency business, plans to launch virtual currency exchange early next year. As China closed down all its cryptocurrencies, it started to shift its business to the Japanese market, and in recent months Japan has rapidly developed into a paradise for cryptocurrencies, according to local blockchain entities that it has received Chinese companies have made it overwhelmed by the cooperation request.n
nTranslation: Clovern
SBI Group, the Japanese financial services group, announced that it has started to work on Cryptocurrency with Fire Coin.n
SBI today announced that it will launch a virtual currency exchange early next year.n
According to the “Nikkei Asia Review,” it reported that as China closed down the exchange, Firecoin is now moving its business towards the Japanese market, benefiting from it.n
In the announcement:n
n”The company’s four-year trading history and operational expertise will be fully utilized and, with the rapid development of virtual currency transactions, we will use highly secure systems as tools to attract customers.”n
nIn recent months, Japan has rapidly transformed itself into a paradise for cryptocurrencies, and local blockchain entities also mentioned the inability of Chinese businesses that have lost their markets in China to make it overwhelming.n
This week, the country said it will keep track of the U.S. regulatory authorities allowing bitcoin futures to trade, and will “do it as soon as possible” once the securities law changes.n
In the meantime, Firecoin plans to open exchanges in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea, but South Korea’s attitude toward encrypted currency trading seems increasingly unfavorable.n

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