Japanese entertainment giant DMM revealed details of the cryptocurrency exchange to be set up next month

nRunaway Comment: Tokyo Bitcoin Exchange Inc., a small cryptocurrency trading platform once operated by the Japanese e-commerce and Internet giant DMM Group, is one of the 15 government-approved exchanges in Japan. It is only now that the exchange has been renamed DMM Bitcoin and will resume its new service in January next year. Support for seven currencies, 14 five-fold leveraged pairs, and 3 spot pairs.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
DMM Crypto Currency Exchange will be established in Januaryn
Japanese electronics company and Internet giant DMM Group revealed details of the cryptocurrency exchange to be set up on January 11 next year. The name of this exchange is DMM Bitcoin.n
n”DMM Bitcoin will launch a new virtual currency trading service website on January 10, 2018. It plans to begin accepting an account opening application on the 11th.”n
nDMM Group has operated Tokyo Bitcoin Exchange Inc., a small cryptocurrency trading platform. On December 1, the platform was approved by the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) and is one of the 15 exchanges Japan has approved so far. Tokyo Bitcoin Exchange renamed DMM Bitcoin and suspended service.n
Seven new currency encryption platformn
DMM Group Description:n
n”You can trade seven virtual currencies, three spot trading pairs, 14 leverage trading pairs.”n

The seven currencies are BTC, ETH, XEM, XRP, LTC, ETC and BCH. Spot trading to BTC / JPY, ETH / JPY, ETH / BTC. Five-fold leveraged trading has 14 trading pairs. Although there is no transaction fee, but the daily leverage ratio is 0.04%.n
In contrast, GMO Coin, the rival GMO Internet Exchange, currently supports five crypto currencies, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH. The exchange offers leverage ratios of 5x, 10x and 25x, 0.05% leverage per day.n

DMM Bitcoin Transaction Services for iOS, Android and PC. Trading tools will be offered similar to the customer service of DMM FX, the company’s forex trading platform. Savings can be used in yen, bitcoin and ether.n
In September DMM Group set up a virtual money subsidiary, announcing plans to become “one of the top 10 mines in the world” next year.n

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