Japanese entertainment giant DMM set up cryptocurrency mining professional laboratory

nRunaway Comment: Following last month’s announcement by the Japanese conglomerate GMO Internet of the mining business, another major Japanese entertainment company, the DMM Group, announced a few days ago that it will set up a cryptocurrency professional lab to enter the cryptocurrency mining sector . According to its announcement, the laboratory’s short-term goal is to achieve the highest unit of hash for mining equipment and will continue to conduct research to consider alternative mining equipment options in the future to maximize the power of mining.n
nTranslation: Clovern
DMM Group, a Japanese e-commerce and internet group, is creating a cryptocurrency mining professional laboratory. The company also announced other plans for its mining operations.n
DMM set up mining laboratoryn
DMM Group’s operator DMM.com, a popular e-commerce site with 27 million members, on Thursday announced the establishment of a “research and development lab” for cryptocurrency mining known as DMM Mining Labo.n

“To maximize hash power,” the company said the laboratory team “will go through several experimental and iterative cycles to enhance the setup and commissioning of our specialized machines.” According to DMM, the lab will also be working on a wide range of digging The type of mine equipment was continuously studied and tested to find “the best balance between hashing capacity and electricity consumption”. The company’s announcement is as follows:n
n”For the foreseeable future, the goal of DMM Mining Labo is to achieve the highest unit hash for our machines … In the long run, DMM will consider other options for its original mining machines, using off-the-shelf units Expand operations beyond force. “n
DMM’s mining plann
For the first time in September 2017, the group announced plans to operate “large-scale, Japanese-made” mines. The company said at the time: “DMM plans to [establish] a mining business of the size of the top three global mining companies.” Meanwhile, the company added:n
n”By 2018, DMM will be one of the top 10 mines in the world.”n
nDMM said in a statement released on Thursday that the company is “opening up to the formal adoption of the technology proposed by research institutes and various development companies” and looks forward to working with major manufacturing companies. In addition, the laboratory “prepares formal testing of pre-sales technical samples.”n
In the meantime, another Japanese conglomerate, GMO Internet, started mining operations through its European legal entity last month. The company said in detail that GMO is using existing technology to mine mines in northern Europe and is also developing a 7nm chip, adding that it is working with partners who own the required semiconductor design technology. GMO plans to use a 7nm mining plate in the mining process in the first half of this year and will sell it for the first time through a tokens issue (ICO).n

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