Japanese politicians interested in the growing field of bitcoin

Japanese politicians interested in the growing field of bitcoin


At least two Japanese lawmakers bitcoin has great interest in bitcoin enthusiasts gathering and discussion, one of them is Mineyuki Fukuda. He often meet understand bitcoin and domestic currency and friends, and met a California electronic currency trading platform team. Fukuda bitcoin interest thanks to Keiichi Hida, he founded the “Rising Bitcoin Japan” organization in Japan bitcoin development activist.

Politicians interest does not mean that the government’s support. Japanese officials take the attitude of nonintervention, now also no capital gains tax. This kind of uncertain policy to let some bitcoin owners worry. From the existing tax law, as long as the investment income tax law applicable. The consumption tax to bitcoin payment to do a more precise definition.

Have a great negative impact on Japan’s Mt. Gox event bitcoin development, but most bitcoin enthusiasts have already regain confidence. The mainstream media bitcoin drug crimes related to pay more attention to the. The latest issue of the Nikkei weekly bitcoin as a cover and with a large space coverage, basically positive comments.

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