Japanese venture capital firm Global Brain set up block chain branch

nn(BBS), one of Japan’s largest independent venture capital firms, announced the establishment of a new subsidiary, the GBB Chain Labs (GBBL), to further participate in the development of block chain technology and expand its The contribution of ecosystems promotes the cross-industry, cross-country application of this technology. And because the company is deeply rooted in the venture capital industry, GBBL aims to build community-driven zonal chain ecosystems through its existing networks and knowledge to add value to communities and ecosystems and to promote community collaboration through research and knowledge sharing development of.n
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Japan’s Global Brain Corporation has announced the establishment of a new subsidiary, the GBB Chain Labs (GBBL), to expand its contribution to the chain-chain ecosystem and to promote cross-country and cross-country use of the technology.n
Founded in 1998, Global Brain is one of Japan’s largest independent venture capital firms, with its management assets (AUM) and investments of US $ 500 million, with operations in Asia Pacific, the US, Europe and Israel.n
In view of the company’s deep roots in the venture capital industry, GBBL aims to add value to communities and ecosystems through its existing networks and knowledge. GBBL focuses on building community-driven zoning chains, linking projects to related human capital, and promoting community development through research and knowledge sharing.n
The block chain is an innovative technology that may improve the industry standard, but the lack of knowledge, talent and experience in the general scope hinders the application of this technology. GBBL is designed to create real use cases that support new business based on block chains.n
Recent Global Brain investments in block chain start-ups include Coins.ph and Bluzelle.n
As a venture company to participate in the development of the industry, GBBL will continue to provide financial support for block chain start-ups. In view of the recent development trend of the first digital currency issuance (ICO), the company aims to support the chain-chain start-ups through equity financing in order to implement and create a hybrid financing structure for the development of start-ups.n
Among these trends, the company will further research and share its knowledge base for block chains, tokens, and ICO. As the chain chain and its related areas are relatively new to the market, GBBL plans to work closely with the parties concerned to build and share their knowledge base, thereby enhancing the understanding of the block chain.n
With the gradual maturity of its community, GBBL wants to be more actively involved in the chain of chain communities, businesses and government agencies.n
Omise and OmiseGO CEO and Founder Jun Hasegawa and other well-known block chain founders will join the GBBL Advisory Board.n
Hasegawa currently serves as chief executive officer of Omise, a multinational company currently operating in Southeast Asia.n
And because of the firm belief in the block chain technology, he set up OmiseGO (Omise’s all-chain chain sector), the main task is to create based on the ether square of the public block chain – OmiseGO network, which through the center of the Value Transfer and Exchange Realize the Fairness of Financial Services.n
Other members of the Advisory Board include: former BoD Consultant at the APF Foundation and Thomas Greco, Special Advisor to OmiseGO; and CEO and founder of Digix; and Ron Hose, Chief Executive Officer and Coins of Coins.ph.n
Digix is ​​developing a regulatory chain agreement called “Proof of Asset” to track, audit and verify the asset token on the block at a glance. At the same time, Coins.ph is a mobile block chain platform that allows individuals to easily access financial services through mobile wallet.n

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