Japan’s AEON will use the IBM block chain solution

nnnnOverstripping Comments: IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric has recently received a number of regional financial institutions of all ages, launched a number of cooperation projects. At present, the Japanese retail giant AEON’s financial services company also said it intends to use IBM’s block-chain solution to build a new platform, hoping to Japan and Asia to provide better customer service. Project tests are expected to begin in July.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nJapanese retail giant AEON’s financial division intends to test IBM’s block-chain solution to handle settlement and dealings in Asia.n
nAeon Financial Service provides banking, credit and microfinance services to customers in Japan and 11 other Asian countries. The project will build a new IBM block chain payment network through which the services are provided.n
nThe solution will be developed through the Hyperledger Fabric, a Linux-based open source block chain framework that has a lot of applications in trade finance and trading banking.n
nIt will allow AE to store and share transaction records in the chain chain, managed by smart contracts. It will be based on secure encryption technology to enable AEON to build a chain-chain network within its group’s company.n
nWith this solution, individuals and businesses can also use virtual currency payments for financial transactions. AEON is expected to start trial in July.n
n”AEON Financial Services will build a platform based on settlement and trading operations to provide a wide range of financial services to customers in Japan and throughout Asia, such as virtual currency,” said Yuen Yuen Ming, head of global business at AEON Financial Services. Payment and loyalty points exchange and exchange, etc. “He added:n
nn”We believe that building this platform with a block chain will provide us with tremendous opportunities to use it to improve our current financial services and to provide new services to Asian customers who have not previously served us.”n
nnIBM has made a significant role in the trade and finance sector by using block-chain solutions. It also announced this week that seven large European financial institutions will use IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric to launch a SME trade loan platform.n
n”The block chain, as an innovative technology, may revolutionize the way businesses work with ecosystem partners, which can streamline business processes while providing a question of how to do business with the ecosystem partners,” said a Cognitive Process transformation partner at IBM Japan. Accountability and transparency. “n
nMark Ebeling, chief technology officer at IBM Australia, told attendees at the GTR Australia Trade Forum in Sydney in May that after months of exploration and pilot work, it is expected that this year, Financing the field of more specific development. He said:n
nn”I wrote a paper at the beginning of 2016, to explore the hoarding behind the chain chain has been its heat has only increased unabated, but put aside these hype, companies do with the partners to conduct a serious experiment, How will this technology now benefit you. There will certainly be answers, the actual work is in full swing. Next year, we will see more development, and now there are some cloud-based security platform in the market, which means Companies can now begin to do the proper work on the chain chain, or use block chains.n

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