Japan’s largest consumer electronics chain store trial bitcoin payment

Japan’s largest consumer electronics chain store trial bitcoin payment


Japan’s largest consumer electronics retailer YamadaDenki and the country’s largest encryption currency exchange Bitflyer cooperation, the test of bitcoin payment. Initially, bitcoin will YamadaDenkiLabi in Tokyo two stores to be accepted, but the company plans for the future launch of the national digital currency payment options.

The YamadaDenki store to accept bitcoin

Japan’s largest consumer electronics retailer YamadaDenki announced that since January 27th, it has been paid for bitcoin test. This is Japan’s largest bitcoin trading platform Bitflyer cooperation.

According to a guide to the Japanese mobile phone operator NTTDocomo release, and the Japanese investment research company KenkyoInvesting an independent study, YamadaDenki is Japan’s largest chain of home appliances and electronic products.

Yabai wrote guide in Japan’s largest electronics shop: “YamadaDenki is considered to be Japan’s largest electronics store, selling a large number of products at a reasonable price,” he added:

“Their products include computer, tablet computer, mobile phone, air conditioning, massage chairs, kitchen appliances, cameras and home decoration supplies. Most of the goods they show and the old models are sold at a discounted price, which makes YamadaDenki become one of the visitors can be the best place to get more benefits.”

In order to test the two outlets have begun to accept bitcoin: YamadaDenkiLabi Shinjuku east exit kiosks and ConceptLabiTokyo.

The company said that many foreign tourists in these places, which makes them a good place to test digital currency integration. Use this payment limit of 300 thousand yen (about $2760). In order to commemorate this event, the use of Bitflyer Bitflyer wallet before 500 customers pay by digital money donated 500 yen in each store.

According to Bitflyer, after testing two stores, the goal of YamadaDenki is to pay in the nationwide deployment of bitcoin. Bitflyer commented: “by working with YamakaDenki, we are making great contribution to improve the convenience of Japan and overseas customers.” This exchange recently launched in europe.

In addition to providing additional payment, YamadaDenki writes:

“We will take measures to improve the bitcoin recognition and promotion. With the introduction of bitcoin payment services, for the different needs of our customers at home and abroad responded. We believe that we can provide better service and more convenient.”

The next store can accept bitcoin

Several brand stores include YamadaDenki TeccLand stores, Labi stores, YamadaMobile and YamadaOutlet.

TeccLand stores are often found as independent stores across japan. Labi stores are often found in large shops downtown in front of the train station. YamadaMobile is focused on mobile phone and computer. According to the latest statistics, as of March 2017, a total of 956 outlets.

Last April, another large electronics stores in cooperation with Bitflyer, to accept bitcoin payments. BicCamera is also the first in the two stores on the bitcoin payment. Then in July last year, the company announced that the bitcoin payment option is extended to all the shops. Japan has about 40 BicCamera stores.

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