Japan’s major used car group and its dealers accept Bitcoin payments

nBankruptcy comment: Idom Inc., one of Japan’s largest used car groups, announced that its 26 dealer outlets will begin accepting bitcoin payments this time in collaboration with Bitflyer, Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. According to its disclosure, the pilot of the 26 stores for the pilot in the future the company also plans to launch in Gulliver about 550 stores in Japan launched bitcoin payments.n
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One of Japan’s largest used car groups is working with Bitflyer, the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, to implement Bitcoin payments at distributors throughout Japan. The move will first be implemented at 26 dealers, but the company also plans to add Bitcoin payments in another 550 locations.n
Car dealers receive Bitcoins via Bitflyern
Idom Inc., a used car distribution business, has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The company, formerly known as Gulliver International Co. Ltd., has been operating a used car sales network throughout Japan since 1994.n

The company said it occupies the largest share of the used car market in Japan, ranking first in sales and purchases. The group has subsidiaries in the United States and New Zealand and also owns 67% of Australia’s new car dealer Buick Holdings Pty Ltd.n
Idom announced last week that its imported used car franchise Liberala will begin accepting bitcoin on December 20. The chain franchise Bentley, BMW and Audi. This move will be completed with Bitflyer, Japan’s largest Bitcoin exchange.n
24 Liberala stores will accept bitcoin payments up to a maximum of 100 million yen ($ 888,000) per purchase. These 24 stores are located in Hokkaido, Northeast, Kanto, Central, Kansai, China / Shikoku and Kyushu.n

Next or will add more than 550 dealersn
In addition, Idom owns the Gulliver brand, which currently has about 550 stores in Japan. According to its website, Gulliver currently has a total sales volume of 300,000 units, with a cumulative purchase of 3 million units. Idom announcement said:n
n”We will first conduct a pilot test at Liberala, and then we will consider launching Bitcoin payments in about 550 stores throughout Gulliver.”n

Another car group to accept bitcoinn
Earlier this month, three dealers in Tokyo-based L’operaio, a used-car group, began paying Bitcoin after the festival. L’operaio was founded in 1992, specializing in the import of luxury cars in Europe.n
The maximum amount that you can pay with Bitcoin is 2 million yen (about 18,000 U.S. dollars). As the number of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin holders continues to grow, the company said:n
n”We decided to launch Bitcoin payments to help us get into this emerging market while creating convenience for our customers.”n

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