Jeremy Allaire (Circle CEO): bitcoin regulatory signals become more and more obvious

Jeremy Allaire (Circle CEO): bitcoin regulatory signals become more and more obvious

Bitcoin Consumer Finance Companies Circle founder Jeremy Allaire Monday morning in London, said in an interview, “The auction of government in a very controlled way, and did not let bitcoin flooding the market. They are making plans for institutional investors, this is a big deal. This is a typical asset forfeiture, they are washed these coins, with the seal of approval of the U.S. Federal government. “.

Circle company is also one of the bidders. He said it is waiting for Monday the federal government of the United States telephone and e-mail notification, he did not disclose the price of the bidding company Circle.
Allaire said that although the bitcoin regulation is uncertain, but the government, banks and traditional institutional investors began to have a strong interest in encryption currency.

He said: “we have heard of some big Wall Street securities companies to set up a small trading desk to contact and understand bitcoin, but this approach is very different from a year ago, when people think that the government will never allow it to the bank and just hope it disappeared. And now all the big banks are trying to understand the bitcoin team”.

As institutional investors enter the market, the market needs to be able to support these institutional investors increasingly strong trading needs, Mr. Allaire added.
“A year ago, most governments and big banks frankly just want bitcoin away. They are like this: “this is a joke, I think bitcoin away, I just ignore it.” But bitcoin has not disappeared, so now people are saying: “bitcoin will not disappear, and there is big money into this field, this is a real innovation, we need to monitor it, and make clear its regulatory rules,” he said.

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