Jiang Pingbo: bitcoin bitcoin dropping sharply bifurcation cash hard to blame?

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Today, bitcoin has plummeted. The more powerful, as of 5 pm Beijing time, bitcoin lowest dropping $4237 a day, fell to $1000 (about 20%).

Data source: coindesk.com

Last time we talked about “as potential will be, only time will tell us. This bit of cash (BCH) hard bifurcation impact until now.

Hard fork began in November 16th, BCH to Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. The two party is in direct competition, this is the fight at outrance struggle. The loser, transactions do not count, count the input force without any output.

This is the best of the review is to. The red SV short beyond ABC, but now the gap has been growing, at 5 pm Beijing time, the gap has widened to 72 blocks.

Data source: https://cash.coin.dance/blocks

What happened:

Exchange station. One kind of currency standard is BCH, or two are admitted

Dust attack. The emergence of a number of ten blocks containing transaction block period, and this value is generally one hundred or less

Panic. Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone believes that this will be dropped to $1500, equivalent to $6000 from the previous sideways fell 70%, and 6000 from the highest point down 70%. Moreover, this fall, there will be more bitcoin mining income to cover costs, the miners may be moved to other currencies.

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