Jiang Yunhu and Han Qingyuan read novels for free_《 Sweet marriage for marriage: the latest chapter of paranoid husband’s pet

Novel: marriage for marriage: paranoid husband dotes on

Author: Jiang Yunhu

Leading role: Jiang Yunhu, Han Qingyuan

Type: Modern Romance

Introduce: the sick seedling son of the Han family in Beijing married with the daughter of an upstart. They didn’t get married long ago. They found that the daughter-in-law of the sick rice seedling was found by the upstarts! I dropped out of junior high school before I finished. I stayed in the deep mountains in the corners of the mountain. I never even went down the mountain. It became a talk point for everyone after dinner. Everyone was guessing when the sick seedling died, but nobody thought that his body was getting better day by day. Until one day, the sick rice seedling, who had been closed for many years, appeared with his daughter-in-law in his arms, which caused shock from all walks of life. All the big men said to the daughter-in-law of the sick rice seedling one after another: boss, please take it!

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Chapter one

“Jiang Yunhu, you have to find out your identity, and you will get the certificate from young master Han tomorrow. What should you say and what you should not say? You should have a criterion in your mind. Do you understand?”
“Sister, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. If it wasn’t for me, I wouldn’t let my sister suffer instead of me.”
With the chirping voice in his ears, Jiang Yunhu sat on the sofa a little impatient, and his mind was disturbed. Xiaoxiaole failed to pass the final step, and he kicked his foot on the table.
There was a sudden pause of two seconds, followed by a sharper sound.
“Jiang Yunhu, what do you mean?! You are the daughter of our Jiang family now. Do you have such an attitude towards the elders? ” Jiang Fu was trembling.
“I’m not your daughter.” Jiang Yunhu raised his head, his eyes dyed scarlet, and the whole person seemed to be approaching the edge of the critical point, “don’t take the elder’s set to teach me, you are not qualified.”
“You Mrs. Jiang was shocked by the look in her eyes. “Your account is already in our Jiang family’s account. You are not a member of the Jiang family. Who else do you want to be? You think you belong to the Han family before you get married? “
Jiang zhinuan looked almost at the edge, and came out at the right time to give Mrs. Jiang good luck. “Don’t be angry, my sister has sacrificed so much for me. She should have more complaints. Let’s not disturb her.”
Mrs. Jiang didn’t want to pay attention to this uneducated countryman. She snorted coldly and went down the warm steps of Jiang Zhi. “At 8:30 tomorrow morning, the Han family will wait for us at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Remember to wear the clothes we prepared for you. Don’t show your stuffing.”
Finally, she left a sentence in her words, “think about your grandfather.”
Jiang Yunhu’s fingers stopped and a trace of anger ran through his eyes.
Good. Dare to threaten her.
Leaving Jiang Yunhu’s room, Jiang zhinuan is still giving Mrs. Jiang a smooth ride. “Don’t be angry, mom. If you get angry, you’ll get wrinkles and it won’t look good.”
His daughter’s coquettish appeasement really made Jiang Fu’s spirit disappear a lot. He turned back and gouged out the door of Jiang Yunhu’s room. “If it wasn’t for her birthday and your eight characters, we Jiang family would not let such people defile the floor.”
The Jiang family is married to the Han family.
It happened suddenly, and the marriage was decided just a week ago.
The main reason is that the Han family’s only baby pimple has no way to live. The inexplicable disease can’t be cured by doctors all over the world.
The old lady of the Han family couldn’t help it. She went to find a master to calculate the eight characters. She happened to be in their Jiang family. The only daughter of the Jiang family was Jiang zhinuan. The master said that her eight character Wangfu could live for at least one year if she married the short-lived ghost of the Han family.
The Jiang family is a small family with no family background. It is because of the capital of Mr. Jiang’s stock speculation that he started a company to do some business, which is commonly known as the upstart.
The Han family is not. The Han family is the top family in Beijing. It is a good thing to marry with the Han family. The Jiang family should come down on the spot.
But after the event calm down, just feel wrong.
Who still believes in such illusory things as fortune telling? The Han family’s short-lived ghost is going to die. Isn’t Jiang zhinuan’s marriage just a matter of keeping alive?
Houzhihoujue responded that the Jiang family didn’t want to marry their daughter, and they were reluctant to give up the tremendous wealth of the Han family. After thinking about it, they found Jiang Yunhu, who was born almost at the same time, the same year and the same month as Jiang zhinuan, and married her as the daughter of the Jiang family.
Jiang Yunhu was originally thought to be a countryman in a poor Valley in the mountains. He began to help his grandfather do farm work before he graduated from junior high school. Such people have never seen any big cities. They have simple ideas and are easy to control. If they marry to the Han family, they can not only get the wealth of the Han family, but also do not have to marry their precious daughter. It is a matter of killing two birds with one stone.
But now, Mrs. Jiang is wavering.
Jiang Yunhu is not as easy to master as expected. He has a bad temper. It’s good not to offend her. It’s a common occurrence that she smashes the table and still chairs.
“Warm, shall we send this woman back?” Mrs. Jiang frowned, “what if this woman is out of our control?”
Hearing this, Jiang zhinuan’s gentle eyes crossed a dark light, and reached out to hold Mrs. Jiang. “Mom, don’t worry. Although Jiang Yunhu’s character is irascible and hard to control, but her dependent grandfather is in our hands. I don’t believe she dares to gamble on her grandfather’s life.”
“No, Ma. What time is it now?” Jiang zhinuan interrupted her, “it took us four days to find a Jiang Yunhu. Tomorrow morning we will get the certificate from the Han family. Where can we find a substitute for this evening? Do you really want me to marry to the Han family
“How could it be?” Mrs. Jiang vetoed on the spot. Although she was still a little uncertain at the bottom of her heart, she could hear Jiang zhinuan’s words, but she also suppressed the uneasiness in her heart.
After all, it is true that Jiang Yunhu’s grandfather is in their hands, and this is the only relative of Jiang Yunhu.
In the early morning of the next day, Jiang Yunhu was called out. She was put on the clothes that the Jiang family had prepared for her and took her to the Civil Affairs Bureau.
The Han family came a little late. Only the housekeeper of the Han family came.
“Mrs. Jiang, I’m sorry. Our young master has been sent to the hospital for a temporary illness. The old lady can’t rest assured of him, so she went to take care of the young master. I’m the only one here today. Please forgive me.” Housekeeper Han apologized.
Mrs. Jiang repeatedly waved her hands and said, “it’s OK. It’s OK. Young master Han is more valuable. It’s better to take care of him.”
Han Guan’s family said thanks, and his eyes fell on Jiang Yunhu beside him. He was puzzled, “this is Miss Jiang?”
How is it different from the impression?
The Han family didn’t see Jiang zhinuan himself when he came to the door. He just saw a picture of Jiang zhinuan. She was a girl with beautiful features.
But it is far from amazing.
The woman in front of her is wearing a famous brand, carrying a black backpack, holding out a hand to block the sun on top of her head. She looks lazy and has a kind of beauty in her hands and feet.
Unlike housekeeper Han, who only looks beautiful in appearance, she is not only beautiful in the skin, but also has a kind of beauty that radiates from her bones. That kind of beauty even surpasses her skin appearance.
Squinting, like a sleepy beast, erupts wildness at any time.
The daughter of the Jiang family looks like a good girl when she looks at the photos.
Mrs. Jiang blocked his sight unobtrusively, for fear that he would take another look to see the clue. She said with a smile: “yes, this is our daughter. She was not here before. You didn’t see it. It’s getting late. Shall we go and get the certificate first? “

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Chapter two

Housekeeper Han was distracted and said with a smile: “yes, but the young lady in the future is much better than the photo.”
Mrs. Jiang
Is this a disguised statement that her daughter is not as good as this wild woman?
But Jiang Yunhu added, “you have a good eye.”
Mrs. Jiang almost couldn’t resist tearing her mouth.
It didn’t take much time to get the certificate. Today is a rest day for the Civil Affairs Bureau. The Han family used some relations to let the Civil Affairs Bureau open temporarily for half an hour.
Both sides handed in the account book and ID card, Jiang Yunhu took a single photo, and then put Han Qingyuan’s photo on P. after a while, two red copies were available.
In the name of the old lady, housekeeper Han pinched the two red books in his hands, as if afraid that the Jiang family would repent.
Jiang Yunhu collected the household register and ID card and left the Civil Affairs Bureau.
Han Guanjia said: “young lady, the old lady said that after getting the certificate, she would let you go to the hospital to see the young master, and then she would live in the Han family and take care of the young master’s daily life.”
After all, Jiang Yunhu hasn’t commented yet. Mrs. Jiang is a little fried.
“No, the wedding is not over yet. Why are you living in the Han family? It’s unreasonable. “
If Jiang Yunhu is found to be a fake before the matter is announced to the world, what should the Han family do if he withdraws his marriage unilaterally?
“I’m sorry, I’m just delivering the old lady’s message.” Han housekeeper apologized, “the old lady said that the young lady and the young master had not yet met, so it was unfair for the young lady, so she wanted them to move around more and contact their feelings.”
I want to see if the master’s words are accurate.
If Han Qingyuan’s illness has really improved because of Jiang’s daughter, it would be better.
As for the vigorous and vigorous old lady of the Han family, Mrs. Jiang only dared to scold her in the bottom of her heart. On the face of it, she did not dare to object, so she stretched out her hand and pulled Jiang Yunhu aside.
“Bring your account book and ID card.” She has to keep the account book in case.
Jiang Yun glanced at her eyes and sneered, “look at your advice. Isn’t my grandfather in your hands? For my grandfather’s sake, I’m sure I won’t let the Han family trouble you. “
Hearing this, Jiang Fu’s man seemed to catch the straw in an instant, and his impatient heart gradually calmed down.
After thinking about it, she still felt a little insecure. She turned to housekeeper Han and said, “my daughter is still an innocent girl. Besides, our husband and wife have been raising them for such a long time, we are really reluctant to part with it… How about this? I ask her to take care of young master Han every day, but before the wedding, she still lives in Jiang’s house?”
Han housekeeper pondered for a moment and said, “then I’ll call the old lady and ask.”
Mrs. Jiang nodded quickly.
When housekeeper Han went to the side to make a phone call, Mrs. Jiang turned to Jiang Yunhu and gouged out her eyes again. Seeing the careless look on her face, she felt disgusted. “Without my warm family, this marriage can’t happen to you in any case. You’d better settle down for me.”
Clearly, he disliked the sick seedlings of the Han family.
Jiang Yunhu lifted his eyelids and was too lazy to argue with her.
After a while, housekeeper Han came back after calling and said with a smile: “Madam Jiang, the old lady said that the young lady can go back to live, but in the past few days when the young master is in hospital, she still hopes that she can live in the Han family, and let the servants familiarize themselves with the young lady’s living habits. After the young master leaves the hospital, the young lady can go back to the Jiang family and wait for the wedding.”
In fact, I still want to consider the character of Jiang Yunhu.
Mrs. Jiang can still think of this.
Although there are still some scruples, but also dare not mention, for fear of being detected by the Han family, finally agreed.
Before leaving, she seemed to be reluctant to face Jiang Yunhu: “you are already a married girl. You must be careful and don’t be rash. Your parents don’t want you to make trouble, especially your grandfather.”
When Mrs. Jiang gets on the bus and leaves, housekeeper Han laughs and jokes, “no matter where you go, parents always love their children the most.”
Jiang Yunhu did not comment.
She loves her daughter, but her daughter is Jiang zhinuan.
Han Qingyuan, the only son of the Han family, is now in a private hospital.
Jiang Yunhu followed housekeeper han to the VIP ward. Through the glass window of the ward, he could see old lady Han sitting beside Han Qingyuan’s hospital bed, with her head lowered and her eyes closed.
“Young lady, the old lady and the young master are sleeping. Please keep your voice down when you go in. Don’t disturb them.” Before opening the door, housekeeper Han whispered a reminder.
Jiang Yunhu looked at Han Qingyuan from a distance through the glass window. From the side of his face, he should be very good.
She reached out to stop housekeeper Han’s action, “since they are resting, they will not go in to disturb.”
Han housekeeper hesitated, finally agreed to her decision, put his hand down from the door handle, “then I will send the young lady to Han’s house first?”
Jiang Yunhu nodded and turned away without nostalgia.
In order to make Han Qingyuan recuperate well, the Han family specially found a geomantic treasure land with good air and built a quadrangle. Jiang Yunhu was very satisfied with the environment and decoration.
“Young lady, because you haven’t held a wedding ceremony with the young master, you will be wronged to have a room and sleep with the young master for the time being. When the wedding is over, you can share the bed with the young master. ” Han housekeeper afraid of her misunderstanding, explained to her in advance, got her approval, then took people to decorate the room.
What kind of plush dolls, beds, cloakrooms, room layout, everything is in accordance with the current girl’s favorite style.
Jiang Yunhu doesn’t care whether she can get the same bed. She has no other hobbies. She likes plush dolls very much. She doesn’t choose the decoration of this room except for the princess skirt in the whole cloakroom.
“Please.” Jiang Yunhu put down his backpack.
“That’s what I should do. Don’t mention it, young lady.” Seeing the light pleasure on her face, housekeeper Han felt relieved and asked her about her eating habits, so he went to prepare food for her.
There are not many servants in the courtyard. They are old people who have been in the Han family for more than 20 years. They come to serve Han Qingyuan. They are quick and quiet. Jiang Yunhu is more satisfied.
After lunch, the servant prepared the incubator and handed it to Jiang Yunhu.
In the past, it was old lady Han or housekeeper han to deliver meals, but now it falls to Jiang Yunhu.
Jiang Yunhu did not have any comments, carrying the incubator went to the hospital.
Now old lady Han did not know what to do. She was not in the ward. Han Qingyuan also woke up. The head of the bed was shaken up. He was lying in bed reading.
Hearing the movement of Jiang Yunhu pushing the door, he shifted his sight and looked at it. With only one eye, he withdrew his sight.
To tell you the truth, Han Qingyuan not only looks good-looking, but also has a pair of beautiful Phoenix eyes. When she looks at Jiang Yunhu, she can’t help looking at it more.

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Chapter three

Jiang Yunhu walked over calmly, slid out of the small table on the hospital bed, opened the incubator, and brought out the soup and medicated food inside.
Han Qingyuan didn’t eat much, so he didn’t prepare a lot of meals. However, each meal was a specially prepared set meal.
When the food was set and the chopsticks were put out, Jiang Yunhu looked sideways and saw that someone was still reading, so he stretched out his hand and pulled it. The tone was not salty, “eat.”
At this time, old lady Han and housekeeper Han, who were secretly standing outside the door, saw this scene on the flat panel. They were all breathing.
In order to facilitate observation, Mrs. Han specially bought a micro camera and installed it in the ward to see how the two people get along.
But how did not expect, Jiang Yun Hu courage so big, began to rob Han Qingyuan’s book.
Although Han Qingyuan appears to be a gentle and graceful divination, he is actually mentally flawed. He is extremely paranoid and possessive. Even old lady Han does not dare to touch him.
Housekeeper Han was so scared that he didn’t rush in directly and pulled Jiang Yunhu out.
But who knows, the picture did not appear in the expected violence picture.
In the ward, Han Qingyuan’s book was gone. He stopped and frowned, but he smelled a strange smell.
The smell came from the woman who took his book, with a faint smell of medicine.
He has been dealing with medicine for so many years, and he is familiar with the taste of medicine, especially the medicine for calming nerves.
Jiang Yunhu tastes like a tranquilizer.
It was just that there was something else in it that he had never heard of.
It is impossible to say that only the taste of tranquilizer can ease his mood. When he smelled the smell, his voice seemed to have flowed through a clear spring, and his dry and hoarse feeling disappeared, and even his body relaxed in an instant.
Even if that is negligible.
That’s why he just lost his mind.
And when Jiang Yunhu left, the feeling came back in an instant and pulled back his thoughts.
The book was the original one. Jiang Yun glanced at it and left it on the edge. It seemed that he was lack of interest because he couldn’t understand it.
Then she pulled up a chair, sat on the edge near the end of the bed, took out her mobile phone and started playing games.
The taste of tranquilizer disappeared, and the feeling of breathing difficulty came up, and Han Qingyuan’s face could not help sinking down.
Looking at Jiang Yunhu, who was like finishing the task and was sitting on the edge playing, seemed to want to verify the idea in his heart. He squinted and said in a deep voice, “come here.”
If he is not ill, it must sound like a great deterrent.
But he was so ill that he could hardly move, let alone speak.
In Jiang Yunhu’s ears, his words are soft and soft, he has no strength, and his voice is hoarse. He sounds more like a coquettish girl.
Jiang Yunhu looked up at his eyes. There was no half wave in his beautiful eyes. It was not like the usual women who were afraid of the sight with Han Qingyuan.
After thinking about it, Jiang Yunhu still managed to carry the stool and moved forward half a meter.
This distance, still can’t smell the tranquilizer, Han Qingyuan frowns, face is not too full.
Seeing this, Jiang Yunhu moved the stool forward again, then raised his head and asked patiently, “is that ok?”
Han Qingyuan
As for her attitude, Han Qingyuan’s forehead jumped and was about to open his mouth when Jiang Yunhu dragged the stool to the head of the bed and sat side by side with him.
The smell of tranquilizer suddenly penetrated into his mouth and nose, and his never comfortable feeling spread to all his limbs, so that he ignored the helpless expression on Jiang Yunhu’s face as if he were dealing with a child.
Han Qingyuan’s eyes deeply looked at Jiang Yunhu, moved his fingers, picked up the rice bowl, slowly, began to eat a small mouthful.
The book snatching in the middle is like a trivial episode.
Outside, old lady Han and housekeeper Han looked at each other and were shocked.
Today’s Han Qingyuan didn’t get angry because of being robbed. He didn’t resist eating. No matter which one was taken out, it was unbelievable.
You know, because of his illness, Han Qingyuan has no desire to live, and even his own coffin cemetery has been selected.
Old lady Han couldn’t help it. Her eyes were moist. Looking at the picture on the tablet, she still couldn’t believe it. She murmured: “the master is right. The girl of Jiang’s family is Wangfu’s, and heaven sent her to rescue Qingyuan.”
Even the housekeeper Han, who originally thought it ridiculous, couldn’t help but wonder why.
Two people outside the house were happy, and the atmosphere inside was extremely quiet.
Until someone called in and killed Jiang Yunhu’s game character.
Jiang Yunhu hung up impatiently.
Within two seconds, however, the phone rang again.
Han Qingyuan frowned and glanced at the caller ID, but the remark was stupid.
Han Qingyuan
Jiang Yunhu was annoyed by the phone call and simply got up to get ready to go out to pick up.
However, before a step out, the corner of his coat was grabbed.
She looked down and looked at the hand holding the clothes. Although his hand was swollen by the drip, she could still see that his bones were clear.
It turns out that even if it’s swollen, good-looking hands are still as good-looking.
Han Qingyuan’s brows frowned tight, some deep eyes, with the softest voice, said the most rigid words, “sit down.”
In fact, Han Qingyuan himself knows that his voice does not sound deterrent.
But the words had been said, and he was too lazy to take them back.
Seeing Jiang Yunhu get up, all he can think of in his mind is the feeling of suffocation. He can’t let Jiang Yunhu go.
To tell the truth, Jiang Yunhu thought he was being coquettish again. He frowned and thought for a moment. He sat down and answered the phone.
“Jiang Yunhu, did the donkey kick your brain? Who allowed you to go to Jiang’s house?! The Jiang family used you as a puppet to marry the sick seedling of the Han family. Can’t you see that? “
The roaring male voice in the mobile phone almost broke through Jiang Yunhu’s eardrum, and even Han Qingyuan heard it.
He narrowed his eyes, drooped his eyes and continued to eat with a small mouth, hiding the mood of his eyes.
Jiang Yunhu was impatient. “If you are in front of me now, I can let you experience the taste of being kicked by me.”
“You The other side’s anger is not light, for a long time just slightly calms down, “you and that sick seedling son get a certificate?”
Jiang Yunhu didn’t intend to hide it, eh.
From the receiver came the sound of something being broken.
After a while, the other side’s tone was quiet and strange, “hang up.”
And then it’s over.
Jiang Yunhu looked at the phone that had been hung up in his eyes, and sneered at him with indifference, “neuropathy.”

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Chapter four

Put down the mobile phone, look up to see Han Qingyuan put down the bowl and chopsticks, slowly cleaning his mouth.
There was still a lot of food in the bowl, but he was not ready to eat.
He has no appetite. After all, he has eaten too much today.
Jiang Yun glanced at his eyes and got up to pick up his things.
Who knows Han Qingyuan pulled her again and looked at the direction of the micro camera with heavy eyes.
Han’s old lady was startled and helpless. She closed the flat plate and said to Han Guan’s family, “you can’t hide anything from Qingyuan.”
With the help of housekeeper Han, he walked into the ward, and Jiang Yunhu’s line of sight followed.
Han housekeeper said with a smile: “young lady, just sit down. I’ll clean up the things on the table.”
Housekeeper Han brought a chair to Mrs. Han and put it beside the bed. Then he went to clean the incubator on the table.
“Qingyuan, how are you two getting along?” Han asked with a smile.
Han Qingyuan doesn’t want to answer. She knows how to get along with each other.
Only Jiang Yunhu sat down again and said, “it’s OK. Young master Han gets along very well.”
Perhaps because of his illness, Jiang Yunhu felt that he was not as terrible as the outside world.
Housekeeper Han, who packed the incubator, almost lost his hand.
Young master, easy to get along with? It’s the coldest joke he’s ever heard this year.
Old lady Han was also stunned. After a long time, she eased up and said with a smile, “Qingyuan is not very good-natured. I still have to bother you to be more tolerant.”
Finally, he said to Han Qing Yuan, “by the way, Qingyuan, I haven’t introduced you. This is your wife, Jiang zhinuan, the daughter of the Jiang family.”
With that, he remembered that Han Qingyuan was not there when he got the certificate in the morning. Old lady Han felt a little guilty. “Sorry, zhinuan, today’s Qingyuan’s disease recurred suddenly. It’s the Han family’s fault that he didn’t go to get the certificate with you in person. What you want, as long as it is what the Han family can do, you will do everything you can. “
Jiang Yunhu, who was called zhinuan, reacted immediately. After two seconds, he said in a light voice: “nothing I want. You’d better call me Yunhu. Yunhu doesn’t like it. I prefer this name. “
Although old lady Han was strange, she didn’t ask. She nodded her head and said to Han Qing again: “keep your temper in check. At least you’re married. Be nice to zhinuan… Be nice to Yunhu.”
Han Qingyuan did not answer, but it is rare that he did not have impatience. Instead, he hung his eyes and did not know what he was thinking.
Old lady Han’s face is full of hatred for iron.
After lunch, it’s time to take medicine again.
Han Qingyuan now drink medicine is suffering from traditional Chinese medicine, extremely bitter, this is in addition to eating, another thing that makes old lady Han headache.
After all, Han Qingyuan had no idea of living for a long time. He didn’t want to eat meals or drink medicine. When it was time to drink medicine, he could make the whole ward fly.
When the medicine comes to the building, you can smell the smell from afar.
Jiang Yunhu saw that the old lady and the housekeeper were busy, and there were several doctors and nurses on the side to help him. He planned to go back directly when he had nothing to do with her.
Who can think of not walking to the door, Han Qingyuan’s voice light spread, “drink medicine can, let her stay.”
All of a sudden, all the people in the ward looked at Jiang Yunhu.
Jiang Yunhu body shape meal, turn back, doubt to Han Qingyuan, do not understand what he wants to do.
However, Han Qingyuan didn’t mean to explain. He looked down and couldn’t see his idea. A pair of options have been given to you. The rest depends on your own posture.
Jiang Yunhu was silent for two seconds. He did not wait for his mouth to open. He went back and sat down on the stool.
Seeing people coming back, Han Qingyuan glanced at her eyes, reached for the medicine, and drank it with his head up. He had to cooperate with him more than ever before. After drinking the bitter medicine, he didn’t frown.
Not only the doctors and nurses, but also the old lady Han and the housekeeper were unbelievable. For a long time, they did not respond.
In the past, it took at least an hour for Han Qingyuan to take the medicine.
But this time, not even ten minutes before and after.
For a long time, until Han Qingyuan raised his eyes and looked at them impatiently, “is there anything else?”
Old lady Han knew that he was not happy, so she quickly called the doctor and nurse out.
Han Qingyuan doesn’t like having too many people, but every time he drinks medicine is a special time, so he has to ask doctors and nurses to help him.
Before leaving, the old lady also gave Han housekeeper a look, the latter understood to follow out.
Jiang Yunhu and Han Qingyuan were left in the ward.
Jiang Yunhu did not understand him, “what do you want to do?”
“Tranquilizer.” Han Qingyuan did not hide it.
Jiang Yunhu frowned. Seeing that his face was cold, but his eyes were bloodshot, he obviously had a bad sleep. Maybe he wanted to help him sleep in the past.
After thinking about it, he took out a big sachet from his pocket and threw it to him, “is there anything else?”
Han Qingyuan pinched the sachet, and the smell on it was almost the same as that on Jiang Yunhu. His eyebrows were loosened a little, and his mood was still good, “No.”
Jiang Yun left with the incubator in his hand.
After she left, Han Qingyuan gazed at the sachet with her eyes down for a long time. The sachet is a very common one in the market, and the tranquilizer inside is also the formula he used before.
But why does Jiang Yunhu’s tranquilizing medicine make him feel comfortable all over?
Jiang Yunhu returned to Han’s house, handed the incubator to the servant to clean up, and went back to his room.
I haven’t had a rest for a long time. Jiang’s family called. It’s Mrs. Jiang.
“Yunhu,” Mrs. Jiang said in a warm voice, “how did you stay at Han’s? Are you still used to it? “
Jiang Yunhu knew her purpose, but he didn’t take the initiative to speak. He said lazily, “it’s OK.”
“That’s good.” Mrs. Jiang answered with a smile.
After a long time, we didn’t hear Jiang Yunhu’s voice. Mrs. Jiang couldn’t sit still. She scolded secretly in her heart, but she was careful in her mouth, “that, who are you in the Han family…”
“Not bad.” Jiang Yunhu yawned, “no one has noticed yet.”
To get the marriage certificate, Jiang Yunhu’s own ID card is used. To be honest, as long as the Han family’s side checks the name of the marriage certificate, Mrs. Jiang is worried about the flaws in the marriage certificate.
After thinking about it, she said, “you can get that marriage certificate back. No matter what, don’t let the Han family see the name of the marriage certificate.”
Finally, as if afraid that Jiang Yunhu would find a reason to refuse, she pulled out her grandfather’s warning, and then hung up the phone.
Jiang Yunhu held the mobile phone, and the mood of his eyes disappeared.
After a while, she made a new call.
Han Qingyuan in the hospital was still reading when he received her call.
“The marriage certificate is in the hand of housekeeper Han.” Jiang Yunhu said.

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Chapter five

She straight to the point, Han Qingyuan Leng next, reaction to her meaning, “want a marriage certificate?”
Jiang Yunhu hum voice, listen to that way: “what do I care?”
Jiang Yunhu
It doesn’t matter if the child is rebellious. Just clean up.
“The sachet can only last for three days, and today is the last day.” Jiang Yunhu opened his mouth slowly, “your body symptom sachet can only alleviate, can’t be cured.”
Han Qingyuan doesn’t care whether he can be cured. He has to die sooner or later.
But he preferred the former to the comfortable death and the suffocation death.
Han Qingyuan put down his mobile phone and didn’t hang up. He called out “housekeeper Han”.
Han housekeeper has been guarding the door, the first time came in, “young master, what can I do for you?”
“Give me the marriage certificate.” Han Qingyuan held out his hand, and his tone was unquestionable.
Before he was lying in the hospital, he was also a frightening existence in the shopping mall. Even if he was seriously ill in the hospital later, no one had the courage to disobey him.
Jiang Yunhu felt that he was soft and soft as a coquettish.
Housekeeper Han was stunned. He quickly took out his marriage certificate and handed it to him. Seeing his appearance, he couldn’t help saying, “young master, I haven’t shown the marriage certificate to the old lady yet…”
Han Qingyuan’s eyes swept away, Han housekeeper’s voice gradually reduced, lowered his head and did not speak.
Han Qingyuan picked up the mobile phone again, as if nobody else said: “got it.”
“Yes.” Jiang Yunhu nodded, “I’ll send you dinner in the evening.”
Then he hung up.
Han Qingyuan looked at the mobile phone that was hung by his eyes and put it on the side.
Looking back, he saw housekeeper Han standing on the edge, with a feeling that he couldn’t understand. He frowned, “what’s wrong?”
“No, No Han housekeeper repeatedly shook his head, “if you don’t have anything else, I won’t disturb you.”
Then quickly leave the ward and close the door quietly.
Han Qingyuan has not picked up the book, heard Han housekeeper that uncontrollable voice, “young master unexpectedly so listen to the words of the young lady, even the young lady hung up his phone, he is not angry!”
Han Qingyuan
After thinking about it, Jiang Yunhu gave him a sachet and he helped him get a marriage certificate. It’s a matter of mutual benefit and reciprocity. Is this obedient?
As for being hung up, he thought about it, but he was too lazy to argue with a woman.
He lay down and slightly adjusted his posture. After a while, he took out his marriage certificate.
Two happy red books, his eyes to the waves, as if he had nothing to do with him.
When the marriage certificate is opened, there is a photo that has been passed.
Jiang Yunhu’s face was light. At that time, the photographer made her smile. As a result, she showed a sneer. It was better not to smile.
Next to her, there are photos of him that were put up by P, or the ID photos taken before he fell ill.
Han Qingyuan just glanced at the photos and put his eyes on the information of the marriage certificate.
It shows that the name of the woman is Jiang Yunhu.
At this point, Han Qingyuan’s eyes just across a trace of strange emotions.
In the evening, Jiang Yunhu came with the incubator again.
The old lady intended to cultivate their feelings and left space for both of them.
Jiang Yunhu pulled out the table and put all the food on the table. Then he looked up at Han Qingyuan and said, “what about the marriage certificate?”
Han Qingyuan didn’t wake up long ago. His eyebrows and eyes were tired and lazy. It turns out that the effect of sachet is really good.
He casually pointed under the pillow.
Jiang Yunhu reached for it.
As a result, his hand touched the pillow and was pressed by Han Qingyuan’s head.
Across a pillow, Han Qingyuan pillow in her hand, glance at her, the mood of the eye is self-evident.
Jiang Yunhu took out the sachet in his pocket with his empty hand and threw it to him.
Sachet is still very humble sachet, the taste inside is no difference.
Han Qingyuan was satisfied, and finally moved the beginning of the generous, let Jiang Yunhu take away the marriage certificate.
Jiang Yunhu opened the marriage certificate, confirmed one eye, put it in the bag, then took out the mobile phone, put on the earphone, and began to play the game.
The atmosphere of the two people was the same as that at noon. They both made their own and had no communication.
Can see the old lady’s eyes but become two people get along with the picture of love and harmony.
The old lady happily put down the tablet, thought about it, and said to the Han Guan family, “let’s visit Jiang’s house in two days, and thank them in person.”
Han Qingyuan came out after lying in the hospital for three days.
This is the first time that Han Qingyuan was hospitalized for less than a week after he was seriously ill.
The doctors were shocked and quickly made a general examination for him. The results showed that this was not a return of light, but the pathological cells in Han Qingyuan’s body were inexplicably suppressed.
According to the previous diffusion rate of the diseased cells, Han Qingyuan will stay in the hospital for half a month.
Now, the diseased cells, as if threatened, have stopped spreading.
The doctor was surprised, but he could not find out the reason. At the bottom of his heart, he was worried that this was the tranquility before the storm.
But the old lady felt that the master’s words had come true. She was not happy.
Only Han Qingyuan sat by the bed, drooping his eyes, playing with the two sachets over and over in his hands, with no waves on his face.
Jiang Yunhu, the cheater, told him that the effect of the sachet was only three days. He cheated away his marriage certificate. The next day, he found that the sachet he got at the beginning still had efficacy. After a thorough inquiry, he knew that the effect of the sachet was one month.
Han Qingyuan discharged, Jiang Yunhu did not come to the hospital, Han housekeeper said she left early in the morning.
When she returned to Han’s home at noon, the servant said she had not been back.
At this time, Jiang Yunhu is sitting in a coffee shop, wearing headphones to play games.
Opposite her, sitting a famous brand, handsome boy, the temperament of the boy is very similar to the kind of wolf dog on the Internet.
Wei Ziyan waited for her to play games for a long time, but her patience was exhausted.
Finally, when he could not bear it, Jiang Yunhu cleared the customs.
As soon as he looked at her mobile phone desktop, it was a pixel game with two words of victory in the middle and a pile of messy codes on the edge.
“Jiang Yunhu, what’s the matter with you coming to me?” Wei Ziyan did not have a good face, sneered, “don’t tell me you are to show you take off the list.”
Smell speech, Jiang Yunhu raised eyebrows, put away the mobile phone, smile, “how, fell in love with me? I’ve just got the certificate, and you’re starting to get nervous? “
Wei Ziyan’s eyes flashed a little embarrassed, was well hidden, “don’t be sentimental, I’m very busy, don’t want to chat with the wolf hearted people.”
Jiang · langxingoufei · Yunhu did not care about yawn, “help me to find out something.”
Wei Ziyan couldn’t help it, “you have your own hands and feet, you can’t check it. Do you have to ask me to come? What’s more, Han family is more powerful than Wei family. Why do you come to my little temple if you don’t go to your husband
Jiang Yunhu didn’t care, “it’s a small matter. Let the Han family check that it’s a knife for killing chickens.”
Wei Ziyan

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