Jingdong Logistics joined the blockchain transport alliance

nRunaway Comment: Given that many players in the freight logistics industry have realized the potential benefits of blockchain technology for the sector, the role of the Blockchain Transportation Alliance (BiTA) has become more pronounced, attracting more industry giants to join among them. Last week, FedEx and JD Logistics announced news of joining the alliance. It is noteworthy that JD.com is the first Chinese company to join the organization, demonstrating the enthusiasm and sensitivity of JD Group in developing and utilizing new technologies.n
nTranslation: Inan
The logistics division of China’s retail electricity giant Jingdong Group has joined the Blockchain Transportation Alliance (BiTA).n
The company said in a release on February 1 that JD.com has joined BiTA to share its understanding of blockchain technology with other international shipping companies (including BiTA members UPS, FedEx, Penske, etc.) application.n
The goal of BiTA was to develop and promote blockchain standards for global freight and logistics companies.n
According to the contents of the circular, JD.com, established in 2017, is the first Chinese logistics company to join the alliance. The company said it plans to use blockchain to maximize supply chain, cross-border logistics and communications while promoting industry-wide collaboration on the technology.n
Just days before the company announced the news, freight giant FedEx also stated that it has joined BiTA.n
Blockchain technology is increasingly being seen as a potential means of providing greater efficiency and transparency to the logistics industry and reducing costs.n
Just last month, blockchain technology start-ups Skuchain and NTT data have just reached a partnership for supply chain development blockchain applications. The two sides said they will join forces to complete a system linking the blockchain to the Internet of Things to solve the problem for the traditional supply chain.n
Maersk, the global shipping giant, also said it is working with IBM on blockchain to promote industry cooperation. The company told CoinDesk on January 16 that the co-operation, which has no name yet, aims to ensure transparency and a level playing field in the industry.n

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