Jingdong plummeted over 8%! Liu Qiangdong night sound, technology stocks collective suffer bitcoin crash

Today’s focus: aviation

Focus on the shares and A shares linkage effect, first financial channel “7:30-8:00” from the Wall Street to the Lujiazui market to open doors for you.

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The United States shares city

The Dow fell 1.56%, 25017 point S & P 500 index fell 1.66%, 2690 point The NASDAQ fell 3.03%, at 7028 points

The international oil price

12 WTI month crude oil futures rose 0.53%, reported 56.76 U.S. dollars / barrel The 1 month Brent crude oil futures rose 0.04%, reported 66.79 U.S. dollars / barrel

international gold price

COMEX December gold futures closed up 0.2%, to $1225.30 / ounce

Overnight U.S. stocks fell again, the Dow fell nearly 400 fell more than 1.5%, the NASDAQ fell more than 3%, large technology stocks fell collective. But after the storm the Jingdong can not escape, because less than expected earnings, Liu Qiangdong for the first time publicly sounding Jingdong once again in the spotlight, price volatility, as closing plunged 8.4%.

Active users to drop 8 million 600 thousand, Revenue continued to decline

Jingdong mon (11 19) pre reported, Jingdong third quarter earnings better than expected, but the net revenue is less than expected; Active users in the listing for the first time the chain fell, down 8 million 600 thousand. After the earnings announcement, Jingdong before the plate fell over 5%, fell more than 6% after the opening, after the decline has narrowed to about 3%, but then fell again to expand to 8.4%.

Jingdong reported: Attributable to ordinary shareholders of the company’s continuing operations net profit of 3 billion yuan (about $400 million), representing a substantial increase of 200% the highest single season highs. The core business of Jingdong mall operating margin increased from 0.1% in 2015 to the third quarter of 2018 2.2%, the highest level of profitability and flat. 30% rapid GMV growth, reaching 394 billion 800 million yuan; the third party platform GMV an increase of 40%. Net revenue grew 25.1% to 1048 billion yuan ($153), 1062.24 billion yuan less than the market expected, while the growth rate since the continuous 9 quarters for the first time less than 30%; This shows that even in the traditional business season in the fourth quarter, the Jingdong’s revenue growth rate will further decline. The number of active users of Jingdong over the past 12 months was 305 million 200 thousand, higher than the same period last year 266 million 300 thousand, but lower than the second quarter of 2018 313 million 800 thousand.

Published in Jingdong earnings conference call after the third quarter, after the storm, Liu Qiangdong first public voice.

He said in the earnings conference call after the third quarter: Now the Jingdong’s management team has been stable and molding, the main focus of individuals on the new business, facing the four things: strategy, culture, and new business team. Liu Qiangdong did not mention the incident in Minnesota on the phone, the Jingdong executives said the incident did not affect the operation of Jingdong.

Liu Qiangdong said that many people are concerned about the growth strategy of Jingdong. This group is very high on the R & D investment, 9 months ago, the R & D investment grew 88%, which does not include the number of Jingdong R & D investment. At the same time, Jingdong logistics net profit rate will be greatly improved, next year the net profit rate performance will be better than this year. In the growth, the Jingdong will remain higher than the industry growth rate, continue to increase market share. In the cash flow, because this year including group building land, land and other logistics will have some impact, but there will be a substantial improvement in the next year.

Liu Qiangdong: Overall, we will remain higher than the industry average growth rate of growth next year, improve our gross profit and net profit, improve cash flow, after several years of research and development investment, next year group in technology revenue will also have a very good performance.

Technology stocks, apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook shares tumbled collective U.S. stocks fell across the board.

Among them, apple fell over 5% intraday, approaching its lowest level since February 2017, after the decline narrowed to about 4%. Because the media reported that Apple cut in September three new iPhone production orders. The iPhoneXR of apple production plan up to cut by 1/3, while the original plan is to have several suppliers to produce about 70 million mobile phone in the period from September to March next year.

Facebook fell 5.7%, because the media reported that Instagram’s possible user password leak. Amazon or 5%, Netflix or 5.4%; Google, Microsoft fell more than 3%.

The crash of the bitcoin overnight to continue to fall, the day fell over 14% intraday fell below $4700 this year, fell over 60%. The whole digital currency market across the board collapse in the etheric currency, bitcoin cash, Wright currency fell sharply.

Guests Xu Ge view

U.S. stocks fell by the Fed’s attitude changes, or slowing the pace of rate hikes

The stocks fell in October 3 the Federal Reserve Chairman Powell on the interest rate outlook, due to fears of future Shengxi intensified, the sell-off triggered . But last week, Powell’s speech seemed to interest rate outlook changed, although he still stressed that the U.S. economy is optimistic, but put forward three major concerns, namely the global slowdown in demand, fiscal stimulus and the negative impact of interest rate resolution.

Japan’s recent German economy slowed unexpectedly, plus the Chinese economic slowdown, the Fed had to take into account the overall situation of the global economy, and the internal property market has also been the impact of interest rate, fell under the double negative factors that may affect the fed to raise interest rates in the future of the rules, the market generally believes that the December increase is determined, but the next three interest rates, which could slow in the United States and the global economy.

Today’s focus

Hot stocks Delta Airlines DAL aviation industry

The company was founded in 1924, once the world’s largest airline, currently the second-largest US airlines, 64 in countries around the world, have 334 waypoints, nearly 5000 flights every day, the passengers in the United States, up to 83%, the stock market value of 400 million, the price earnings ratio of about 10 times, after the subprime mortgage the minimum price of only $3.2 / share, at $55.

The recent global crude oil market prices decline, The reason is: the U.S. mid-term elections, political impact reduction; U.S. crude oil inventories rose for 8 consecutive weeks; the global economic slowdown, the decline in demand. It leads to the decline in oil prices, of course, rising U.S. shale oil technology costs decline, may be long-term factors about oil prices. The decline in oil prices, will lead to airline fuel costs decline, which is conducive to aviation stocks, oil prices from fundamentals, recently is still weak, is conducive to the formation of air rising space.

Related stock: Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Air China, Chinese auspicious airlines, Spring Airlines

Market news

The national development and Reform Commission, with the relevant departments will grab the opportunity to catch the development strategy of artificial intelligence

In November 19th, the national development and Reform Commission: next, the NDRC will work with relevant departments to grab the opportunity of development strategy to catch artificial intelligence. Adhere to the goal oriented and problem oriented, in conjunction with the relevant departments to grab the opportunity to catch artificial intelligence development strategy, promoting a new generation of artificial intelligence technology innovation ability, strengthen the industrial chain collaboration and industrial ecology cultivation.

The State Administration of Taxation: for the operating difficulties of private enterprises according to law for extension of tax payment

The implementation of a notice to further support and service of private economic development of a number of measures to the State Administration of Taxation issued the day before. The notice said, as the operating difficulties of private enterprises according to law for extension of tax payment. The tax authorities at all levels of production and management difficulties, the tax credit is good for private enterprises, to further study targeted and operable tax assistance measures, and actively promote into local government co-ordination arrangements, to help them achieve better development. To have special difficulties and can not pay the tax of private enterprises, the tax authorities to apply for postponement of tax, in accordance with the law, and actively help enterprises to ease the financial pressure.

Shanghai FTA opening up a new measure of 12 companies signed a contract

Yesterday, the 12 representative in expanding open field projects, in segments of emerging industries do representative projects were signed with the ultimate FTA area management bureau. Pudong New Area today also issued a “key enterprises” service work mechanism, to optimize the business environment, to create the best business environment, the government response is the fastest, the highest efficiency of the best investment.

Shanghai port into the Yangtze River Delta integration action publishing scheme

In the future the port will establish special funds for the development of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta “, to encourage cross regional cooperation projects, industrial Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth, and strive to build the” Yangtze River Delta, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet application demonstration pilot area”. The port will also promote the establishment of marine industry development fund, focus on supporting the development of marine industry chain.

LETV secretaries responded: delisting company level is doing with the corresponding disposal arrangements

LETV held the 2018 fourth extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, in bankruptcy LETV related delisting progress, LETV secretaries Bai Bing said delisting involves various factors, from the company level is the disposal and corresponding arrangement. But the specific measures, has not entered the stage of disclosure.

LETV responded by Wang Sicong’s company debt: will actively respond

Recently, by the music as sports shareholders, including Wang Sicong’s Beijing, Xiamen casaarte MIPS capital, Tian Hong innovation, to the original shareholders LETV LETV sports arbitration and LETV equity repurchase and compensation and other matters, LETV secretaries Bai Bing said LETV will first be responding to, to avoid the company to bear the guarantee liability, related to the protection of the interests of minority shareholders.

SASAC: there are 28 central enterprises were included in the three batch of state-owned enterprise reform mixed pilot

Deputy director of SASAC Weng Jieming, the author pointed out that the party since eighteen, mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises has entered a new stage. Echelon start mixed ownership reform of the pilot. Since 2016, an important country in the industry of electric power, petroleum, natural gas, railway, civil aviation, telecommunications, military and other fields, has chosen 50 group of state-owned enterprises to carry out mixed reform pilot, the central enterprises 28.

China life insurance assets issued private debt first support the insurance information management products

China life insurance industry assets took the lead in the issue of the first team to support the debt insurance and information management products — “China Life Asset – kylin series products”. The products mainly invest in prospect, market, issuance of debt financing instruments technology but temporary liquidity difficulties of private enterprises, private enterprises financing stability, enhance market confidence.

Silver CIRC: crack down on pseudo financial innovation

Silver China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Zhou Liang said at the ninth session of the new financial summit, to actively encourage financial innovation should be carefully treated, but also to make up the short board, supervision, concrete analysis of concrete problems of compliance using the Internet big data and cloud computing, artificial intelligence, financial technology, financial innovation to better meet market demand to give strong support to some under the banner name of innovation, innovation in the pseudo Ponzi scheme to punish. This process could not accomplish the whole task at one stroke, in order to solve the index as the cure to gain time, a good grasp of the intensity and rhythm.

“Big brother” Wang Yawei’s private advance liquidation

Data show that the first three quarters of this year, the total liquidation of private equity products reached 4045, involving 1942 institutions, a record high of 5 years. In the liquidation of private equity products, private equity strategy products have 2087, accounting for 51.59%. The fund industry association data show that Wang Yawei’s railway Bauhinia auspicious clouds No. 3 specific client asset management plans ahead of liquidation.

Vice president of the red yellow blue in response to new regulations: no delisting idea of preschool education

The red yellow blue education vice president Zhang Fan interview, red yellow and blue education will firmly support the promulgation and implementation of the “opinions”, according to the next government deployed to do in-depth study, but will have to adjust, red yellow blue follow-up business layout Zhang Fan said to be the follow-up study, however, the red and yellow blue is not the idea of delisting; it is worth mentioning that, since November 2017, with exposed child abuse, red yellow blue suspended kindergarten franchise.

Millet group a third quarter revenue of 508 billion yuan an increase of 49.1%

Millet group: a third quarter revenue of 508 billion yuan, an increase of 49.1%; adjusted profit of 29 billion yuan, an increase of 17.3%. The three quarter EPS (earnings per share) 0.1 yuan, is expected to 0.08 yuan. The three quarter Internet services segment revenue rose 85.5% to 4 billion 700 million yuan, mainly due to enhanced liquidity, China.

One billion game “countdown, Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu who laughs last?

The evening of November 19th, along with millet announced in 2018 third quarter report, the distance 1 billion gamble answer only the last quarter. Only from the third quarter, millet and GREE’s revenue is 6 billion 900 million rmb. Profit, millet and sent out 5 billion 400 million yuan, GREE’s profit is 2.86 times that of millet. Millet market capitalization, with about 300000000000 of the market value of more than about 230000000000 GREE. If millet and GREE were to maintain the third quarter revenue growth, so in the fourth quarter and full year 2018, millet in revenue will approach but it is very difficult to overtake GREE.

Facebook is the highest layer in strife? The media said Sandberg is worried about job security

Earlier this year, Cambridge fermented analysis scandal, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg believes that the company’s chief operating officer Sandberg failed to quell the problem in a timely manner. The “Wall Street journal” quoted sources said, Sandberg began to worry about their own work.

New York Fed President: the Fed’s future will be “moderate” interest rate

On Monday, New York Fed President John Williams said that the Fed will stick to its gradual hike path type, may to some extent to raise interest rates, the Fed’s goal is to extend the time of economic expansion, maintain a low inflation rate. But he stressed that the Fed will raise interest rates in a strong economic background, interest rate policy is not the default “”.

Takes stock

Yu lung protection Rose 25.69%

Received $6.41

Locke Rose 17.75%


Origen seed

Rose 14.89%


REMARK Fell 15.31%

Received $1.66


Fell 10.71%


Integrated energy system Fell 10.29%


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