Join the River payment giant Digital bitcoin payment options

Join the River payment giant Digital bitcoin payment options

CHOI-WAN bit reports, Internet tycoon Digital River (NASDAQ: DRIV) announced today that the use of small and medium-sized e-commerce platform products businesses and American businesses, in addition to the use of traditional means of payment (such as credit card, telegraphic transfer, bank transfer and third party wallet service etc.), now you can also choose to use bitcoin pay. In 2013, Digital River for the 200 countries / regions of the merchants, handled a total of about $30 billion worth of pay.

“Bitcoin continues to attract the attention of mainstream society,” the company’s executive vice president and general manager Tom Peterson said, “we are excited for this, we are the first pure e-commerce provider for small and medium sized business to provide digital currency payment, provide more convenience for consumers and online payment means.”

“Our international customers can now in their American online retail store to accept and deal with bitcoin payment, this than their own processing bitcoin payment risk,” he said. In addition, this business model also provides payment solutions for our customers, so that they can be applied to their domestic market.”

The company partnered with Coinbase to complete bitcoin payment, the company will allow digital currency into local currency. “In the payment of digital currency in the world, full of vitality,” Digital River international payment senior vice president and general manager Souheil Badran said, “the biggest risk facing businesses is a digital currency market volatility, in cooperation with Coinbase will help customers reduce the risk.”

“Digital River has expertise in Global trade and payment industry, we are proud of the expansion of small and medium sized commercial payment option,” Coinbase Adam White said, “this partnership is the bitcoin payment to the consumer, but also a positive step forward.”

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