Joint office: Another new scene for block chain applications

nnnnStorms comment: Today’s business model diversification, more new office needs. The joint office model can give different sizes of enterprises and different business models to provide comprehensive solutions to meet different needs. But this model is also a challenge, such as office space settings, rental permits and so on. And the block chain technology can solve the defects of this model.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe shared office space model will change the office model by creating a flexible and coordinated office ecology that adapts to current and future trends. Jones Lang LaSalle said that the United States alone shared office space to reach 27 million square feet, the next two to three years will grow rapidly. The largest joint office company WeWork has more than 130 workplaces and nearly $ 18 billion in market value. The industry attracts the interest of large investors, they see their potential and value, realize that investment in such projects will bring value-added returns and market value.n
nCroissant’s Dave Idell said:n
n”There is always a new joint office space, and in the accelerated emergence of the field of investment is much more than in the past, investment objects, including WeWork, Knotel, Industrious, The Wing”. The New York Times called Croissant “an excellent step in office rentals.”n
nHe said that a lot of office space from the real estate parent company, with the hope that the excess space. “In any case, the end result is that consumers can get more flexible office space, even including large enterprise teams, such as KPMG and McKinsey and other companies want to give employees a flexible office environment.”n
nAmol Sarva, co-founder and chief executive officer of Knotel, said that while the demand for joint office increased with the interest of investors, there was a more obvious change,n
nn”Office leasing time is getting shorter, and the lessor in order to compete for the best high price of the lessee, in other buildings to provide more and more living facilities.Knotel office office services, because we believe that the future office space will This direction. “n
nSignificant changes in office modeln
nThe workload determines the need for such office settings, and the focus on functionality gives professionals more freedom and flexibility in team leadership, service, project execution, and business requirements and relocation of new office sites.n
n”From our point of view, the organization of employees into a distributed team to keep office at any time is an ever-rising economic trend,” said Preston Pesek, co-founder and CEO of Spacious. “Everyone moved to a local center Office model gradually become distributed, cloud-based remote office environment, the use of mobile technology so that employees can work anywhere. ” One of the advantages of the joint office model is that large and small businesses can access distributed networks to expand or narrow their activities to meet the needs of more flexible and efficient staff teams. So the burden of one-time lease of fixed office space and the risk is not so attractive.n
nDave Idell says the number of freelancers and digital workers is growing rapidly in the world. “Over the past, now set up the company, only a computer from scratch has been super easy. Joint office space have the opportunity to free occupation and so may be a bit lonely sense of a sense of familiarity.”n
nMore and more projects choose to share office space, because easy to build, flexible enough, you can most need to change. And this is not only to get office space, you can also get some services. In addition, the community is also an important variable factor, which can add more advantages on the basis of such office leasing.n
nAmol Sarva said, “The way we have worked has changed, people are changing jobs more frequently, technology is moving more and more, companies are getting smaller and smaller, and meetings are no longer formal.” The joint office is well coordinated with these trends. However, this office model is not a good solution is that high-speed business activities around the interpersonal interaction, the need to help the company develop corporate culture, cultivate creative collision between the physical space.n
nImportantly, Sarva pointed out that the largest office space not only to achieve the “creative collision” between employees, or to share the creative and build the relationship between the entrepreneurial ecology. Adam Richards, project manager for Camden Collective, also said, “If you are running a start-up company, you are more likely to overcome the flaws and failures in a joint office environment because you are surrounded by similar people like something like. People, we know what other companies do, they have any skills, how to contact them, it is indeed the benefits of joint office, there is the possibility of cooperation. “n
nIn fact, the concentration of professionals in different areas into a common infrastructure, naturally bring cooperation, knowledge and experience and the sharing of new partnerships, but also can expand the existing network of professionals to create a new network. Dmitry Faller, a researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences and chairman of the board of directors of Primalbase, stressed the importance of repositioning the needs of the office leasing industry. The project team seeks to provide high quality service, more dynamic office environment settings.n
nNew industries rise and mature, suppliers for various projects can be provided niche market joint office space. In addition to building infrastructure, suppliers also build and promote the development of professional talent communities.n
nChallenges and trendsn
nIt is unclear whether this shared office growth will continue to move towards the industry. Industry experts say that this business model needs to address some of the challenges.n
nDave Idell said, “One of the biggest pain points in the field may be to pay a rental fee every month because it has to be revenue-based rather than building a community or increasing the quality of the physical space, but you have to take both Not easy “. Croissant does not have any physical space, but with them, so bring some challenges, such as arranging activities space. “The novelty of these spaces will gradually eliminate as you know the people in the space, so keeping the fresh is always laborious.”n
nPreston Pesek believes that the importance of the community is to meet the needs of individuals and companies, so that they use the joint office space to find resources. He also said that for most companies, leasing joint office space and equipped with home needs funds is difficult to overcome obstacles.n
nThis month Knotel’s office space network reached 420,000 square feet; for them, it was necessary to add larger and more diversified office space. Amol Sarva said, “After the founders and CEOs understand the nature of our work, we see a very natural product market match. The challenges ahead of us are to spread to more people, we can follow the enterprise development, through custom office space , To provide flexibility for enterprises. “n
nAdam Richards said, “I guess our business model is different from other joint office space providers.” Collective is a registered charity that supports start-up companies, providing joint office space, related subsidies and free innovative technology courses. The project operator is the charity CTU Community Project of Camden Town Unlimited. “In extreme cases, you got WeWork, which is clearly a large company in many countries, driven by commercialization and profitability. We do not charge fees. For us, our business model relies on free access to space. Our goal is Idle, abandoned buildings, or buildings that are about to be dismantled. In London, land prices are so high that space prices are naturally high and difficult to access into such buildings, and they do not exist at all, so space is our greatest challenge.n
nWill this be an interesting block chain use case?n
nBlock chain technology is still in its infancy, and Dmitry Faller argues that block chains are implemented in a wide range of solutions that are easily understood and easy to implement.n
nn”Over the years we have been seriously involved in the block chain industry and found that the use of the technology in the commercial real estate industry is very interesting and allows technology to enter the physical environment.We are beginning to think about how to build a digital simulation of the community membership mechanism. We believe this is the block chain will play The role of a case “.n
nnDave Idell acknowledges that, as with other industries, adding block chains can bring trust. More trust in the system, you can increase the membership benefits or comfort. “According to Croissant, we may be able to increase the payment of encrypted money, as well as the ICO program, because it is simpler to implement than the traditional tedious financing model of scalp tingling.”n
nPreston Pesek confirmed that “the chain of chains into the real estate industry, perhaps in the construction of a reliable property rights chain has a miraculous.It has completely changed the potential of the property insurance industry.”n
nAmol Sarva said, “I have been saying that the block chain has interesting legal English. You can create contract books, including leasing, and even can resolve the dispute.”n
nThis may take time, some avant-garde thinking that real estate companies can take the lead in persuading people in this industry and the technology community, the block chain is a viable option.n
nDmitry Faller said, “My colleague said that the application of block-chain technology can be said to be infinite, but we still do not see a lot of applications that can be put into production.We want to make changes with Primalbase. We do not limit the target to Technology projects, we see the great interest in venture capital, financial technology, marketing team, R u0026 D team, social media professionals, but we want to bring together the block chain talent, which is expected to bring great effect. “n
nFrom this perspective, Primalbase is an interesting block-chain project that leverages Waves’ technology to automatically access shared office facilities through tokens; but the feature of the block chain supports transactions and leasing with other users. Faller said,n
nn”It provides the same rights as traditional leasing relationships, but its mechanism is more transparent and logical, and it allows us to simplify the leasing relationship.”n
nnIn some countries, a license is required to rent a property from a third party. The tois deal is not needed. This is a digital solution for all types of membership systems, while simplifying the relationship between tenants, investors, and management companies. This model applies to commercial real estate, office area and house real estate. Can simplify the lease relationship, through the ownership of the token to carry out technical solutions.n
nBlock-chain protocols are often referred to as “trust protocols” because they eliminate intermediaries, direct point-to-point transactions, and do not need to trust each other. Faller says this particular technology will gain new meaning in the real estate industry.n
nProperty rights, property rights and property rights implementation mechanism also entered the field of science and technology. The real estate industry creates a lot of money, sometimes attracting malicious parties. Block chains can increase transparency, support many processes, increase credibility to participating organizations, make the whole system more open, flexible and accessible.n
nFaller concluded, “I support the simple deployment, but let’s face it. Block-chain technology has the potential, but it’s not giving us anything, of course we’ll see interesting solutions for production, but also need some time”.n

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