Judicial precedents get judicial approval, and the “protection network” wants to reduce the cost of rights by the block chain

In China, the content of copyright infringement, rights is not easy. One of the most realistic reason is the high cost of rights, if you are not Qiong Yao, a work only a few million, but the light is that your work is your creation “have cost thousands, you may be prohibitive.

Odaily recently exposed to the preservation of the daily planet, can save the certificate to solve similar problems using the block chain +. For example, the preservation of network founder Gao Hang with Odaily daily planet, the original author in the creation process, can use the preservation of network platform, its creation process, from the first draft to draft into the state, there can be little network security. If the subsequent authorship is found in the preservation of Internet infringement, can use the machine’s way of forensics.

Individuals and institutions have user demand for data protection, security network has three kinds of storage:
The first is the preservation of network SaaS platform, users upload works directly, and generate the file hash value, to preserve the chain.
The second is the preservation of network storage module privatization deployment, original data remain in its own local area network, the network security through the file hash anchor chain to save.
Third, local file storage, file preservation through the Internet to preserve the hash chain. The judiciary needs to be a certificate, can provide the original documents to the judicial department again and check the hash computation, data preservation chain, confirm the authenticity.

“He can quickly out of cards on our platform, including the notarization or judicial appraisal. Now it might be only the blockchain certificate is enough.” Gao Hang said, the traditional way of obtaining notarization and judicial identification of each book is 2000 yuan RMB, copyright rights should at least need to pay 5000 yuan, and in the preservation of online only needs 800 yuan. Block chain certificate only needs 2 yuan each. Was the only certificate and judicial appraisal has the legal effect, but in June 28th this year, the country’s first block chain storage case in Hangzhou Internet court verdicts. Gao Hang said that this is the case evidence preservation network based on this case, also means that the block chain has been legally recognized as evidence.

Deposit certificate is a block chain technology application scenarios, but always suffer from is not recognized by the judicial dilemma. The next block chain card recognition and popularity, all need to cooperate with the judicial departments. The preservation of chain case can be recognized based on their node including judicial, notary organs, electronic organs, identification of arbitration, courts, law firms and other institutions with the credibility of the inseparable. The bottom layer is preservation of chain alliance chain, high Airlines currently has 13 nodes, the Hangzhou court has also become the Internet Network in the first node preservation case.

Certificate of deposit market is not limited to copyright. The Internet in the financial sector is also a strong market demand. Gao Hang said, the Internet Financial inside the biggest problem is vacuity false standard, protect themselves from the financial, in 2016 there have been a large number of P2P net loan platform for data storage as a means of publicity, but behind the evidence is flawed, credibility is not out of the third party platform deposit certificate. Use block chain platform can prove innocence. Chain traceability from the creation of assets to make adjustment to the document flow, the user can see the whole chain of evidence, improve the asset side of the cost of fraud. The government credit assets as an example, a local government commissioned a platform release, the platform may borrow the name of other government targets, misappropriation of funds, if the design process, the assets of the investors are compliance documents and records, follow-up materials can query the adequacy or fraud.

Or directly through the 2B2C 2C network, preservation of the current number of users exceeded one million, the block chain in 2016, customers are mainly from the financial, banking, trading center, picture preservation etc.. The preservation of net profit model is a chain of technical services, notarization and judicial identification report issued charges are the notary office and judicial identification center of charge.

It looks like a puerile business. I doubt that certificates of deposit market ceiling is high enough. Gao Hang think the market has not fully burst, judicial recognition is the first step, the domestic demand from June to burst. “The North American market reached $12 billion of evidence, I believe the blockchain forward, the market will increase. You see the 2018 electronic signature demand scale is 1 billion 280 million, to 2020 7 billion.” For example, overseas study and immigration and personal credit, may be a potential market.

The preservation of network currently about 40 people, whose parent company is the number of Qin technology. The number of Qin technology’s preservation, thousands of letters and net net web three platform. Thousands of letters is a legal advice network testing platform number Qin technology combined with 1000 Mai judicial identification center was established, is enabling is shared hashrate service platform. Chairman Gao Hang early into the block chain industry, is the founder of the early digital currency portal one bit, created after the Ming KingNet, Zhejiang network, security network and other enterprises; the executive director of the center for Applied Research Chinese block chain and Zhejiang center responsible person, was hired as a member of the National Association of China Internet Internet financial security technology expert committee.

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