Juniper Research: Thousands of big companies consider using block-chain technology

nnnIn the past, Juniper Research, a UK research firm, recently released a survey report stating that over half of the big companies are studying the chain of chains, planning or already deploying the technology. Now, many companies understand the block chain is also more profound than before, which also to a certain extent, to promote the company to actively accept the technology. But the report also points out that some companies should not blindly use block chains in order to catch up with the trend, as there may be other more appropriate solutions.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAccording to the British research firm Juniper Research survey, more than half of the world’s large companies are exploring the block chain (distributed book technology).n
nThe survey was released Monday, pointing out that 57% of large companies (companies with more than 20,000 employees) are actively considering or have begun deploying block chains.n
nOf the companies surveyed by Juniper, two-thirds said they wanted to integrate the chain-chain technology into their systems by the end of 2018.n
n”It is clear that companies now have a deeper understanding of block chain technology than they did 12 months ago,” the report said.n
nn”This is because these companies realize that the chain chain has a variety of use cases in the implementation of the potential, which have started the relevant R u0026 D activities, internal research and development, but also with third – party research and development.n
nnThe report also noted that “with the increase in research projects, participants and other parties in the industry awareness in this area has increased, the competition companies are also considering whether to expand through the block chain to increase competitive advantage.”n
n”This is good news for the financial technology start-up companies in the chain area,” said Windsor Holden, Juniper’s block-chain specialist, in a message. “This means that companies are deepening their understanding of the block chain, Need the technology. “n
nThe block chain expert also pointed out that the digital elements of the distributed ledger technology handled by the computer network can also benefit the industry outside the financial services.n

nHolden said:n
nn”Basically, block chains are particularly effective in improving efficiency and corporate transparency; if a company relies heavily on paper documents and stores large amounts of transactions or transfers information, it can be very efficient through block chains.”n
nWhat is a block chain?n
nBlock chains are a form of distributed book technology (DLT). This means that it will maintain a record of all virtual currency transactions on the distributed computer network without a central book.n
nThe original block chain network was created by the founder of the Bitcoin, and was used as a public account for all Bitcoin transactions.n
nIn June, seven large banks – Deutsche Bank, HSBC, KBC, Natixis, Dutch Cooperative Bank, Industrial Bank and Yuxin Bank – selected technology giant IBM to create a chain-chain international trading system.n
nIt is one of the first use cases for block-chain services to large financial institutions to enter the mainstream market.n
nThe company should also consider other waysn
nJuniper’s research also warns people that other ways should be considered before using block-chain technology.n
nHolden wrote:n
nn”In many cases, system changes may be more appropriate and cheaper than technology change solutions, and block chains can cause serious internal and external interference.”n
nnThe study found that some companies underestimated the challenge of deploying block chains.n
nRespondents said they were even more worried about the overall deployment. Customers who refuse to accept the technology are equally concerned.n

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