Kim Jackson is the president of SingularDTV’s entertainment division, starting the block chain with traditional content planning

nnnTrap: SingularDTV, which is dedicated to developing entertainment block chains, recently named well-known producer Kim Jackson as president of the entertainment division, which will develop a chain-of-chain and traditional content development program. Jackson has revealed some of the program content, indicates the bright future of SingularDTV.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nNew York’s SingularDTV will set up a new entertainment department to invest, produce and distribute original films and TV shows, and get exclusive content. The company plans to use de-centric block-chain technology for its licensees and create and publish content in a more traditional way.n
nSingularDTV co-founder Kim Jackson was selected as the president of the company’s entertainment division, responsible for the development and production. Her films include “King Cobra” and “Blue Caprice”, which premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.n

nKim Jacksonn
nIn addition, Jason Tyrrell will join SingularDTV as the company’s vice president of content and lead the acquisition and distribution. He was previously the director of content at Vubiquilty, which oversees the release of hundreds of feature films and television shows.n
nJackson said the company’s original content will focus on science fiction and adventure, there will be a interpretation of the chain to the layman chain and digital money documentary.n
nSingularDTV’s recent plans include the introduction of proprietary block-chain applications for the traditional film, television and music industries this fall. Jackson said the first two applications, Tokit and LaunchPad, could be used by filmmakers to manage their project ownership, revenue and intellectual property, and use digital tokens for financing activities. The program will eventually launch 15 applications, the rest of the ecosystem applications are expected to be launched in 2018.n

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