“Knowing and acting together · focus on research and development”, Alpha car chain steadily forward!

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Recently, a project suddenly fire! Industry bigwigs have come, the news media competing reports, investors flocked to it. This project is Alpha chain, many investors and rating agencies optimistic about the 2018 World Auto market first chain! It is understood that, in addition to the Shanghai PCS Porsche Club will join the Alpha car chain, together to create high-quality transparent automotive market services, recently, the project also won Wang Lijie, Wang Yuehua circle “two kings” for their support.n
Alpha car chain uses a new business model, combined with blockchain technology to truly record the various services in the automotive market, the global car market to create high quality and transparent after the car ecology, while owners can also own the Alpha car chain Developed OBD (Vehicle Data Logger), combined with artificial intelligence technology, get Token while driving. Good driving habits and contribution to the community affect the number of Token, OBD collected data will be recorded in the blockchain, with the addition of more nodes, Alpha car chain in the future from mutual insurance (auto insurance) and private car Share to launch a subversive revolution, a huge dividend for global car owners.n
Some people say that already known to the currency circle “two kings”, then Wang Lijie, Wang Yuehua what is the case? Xiaobian also access some information for this purpose.n

1. Wang Lijie (China Youth Archangel East China Branch; Shanghai Haitian Executive Committee; China Angel Investment Association members; Zhongguancun Angel Investment Association, vice president)n
Wang Lijie in the investment field has its own unique insights, its subsidiary PreAngle Fund invested in a number of start-ups. Wang Lijie worked for Huawei since graduating in 2001 and founded the Mobile 2.0 Forum seven years later. PreAngle Fund was founded in 2011 and has invested in more than 50 start-ups.n
2. Wang Yuehua (Deron Jie Long pulse Fund, Derin Innovation Fund Partners)n
Mr. Wang Yuehua has 18 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. In December 2011, he joined the DFG China Fund team and has been engaged in various positions such as market development, technical support and channel sales.n
So, for such a Terahertz blockchain 3.0 application scenario project, do you think only these two? There are really powerful technical big take.n

The train runs fast, thanks to the front band. The founding team is at the core of a project’s success, and a high-quality founding team often means a good start. It is reported that the current Alpha car chain team members are from China University of Technology.n
Alfred Chandler’s project founder Deng Gang from Silicon Valley, former GAC Fiat Chrysler, Chery Group and Fosun Group CIO, has studied under the guidance of Nobel economics Vernon Smith.n
Among the founding team members are Lei Lei, who owns a number of IoT patents, Chen Yi Fei, who has been granted blockchain patents, and Lu Jie, a former AIG and Delinquency senior actuary. In addition, CGO

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