Kodak will issue a cryptographic currency in photography

nRunaway Comment: Kodak, an American technology company experiencing a burst of new and old industries, is the best proof that technology trends must follow. From 2018 to undertake the upward trend of blockchain industry in 2017, Kodak is also beginning to pay attention to the huge potential of this industry, announced the issue of the photography industry, the token KODAKCoin. The market caught the good news keenly, the company stock prices soared.n
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Kodak, a once-glorified old-fashioned photography technology company, announced the launch of cryptocurrency KodakCoin and plans to launch an ICO by the end of January. The news immediately boosted Kodak share price by 37% in the day, from $ 3.1 opened to 5.5 $ and finally stabilized at around $ 4.30.n
Photographers can use the token to register their work on the company’s KodakOne platform, get a license, and search for unauthorized use online.n
Kodak’s official statement said the cryptocurrency will “support digitally-encrypted digital ownership accounts for photographers.” Kodak’s project partner is WENN Digital.n
The idea is that photographers can take advantage of KODAK’s blockchain registration works, “KODAKCoin” as a platform for the exchange of media. Users can accept encrypted currency payments, or for the purchase of copyrights.n
The news marks Kodak’s first revelation of blockchain technology. Most of the company’s best-known products are related to photography, only beginning to actively focus on printing and digital cinema in the ensuing bankruptcy and recovery.n
Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke said:n
n”For many in the tech industry, blockchain and cryptocurrency are hot words, but for those photographers who have long struggled with their work and how they are used, these hot words are the answer to what seems to be an unresolved issue.” Kodak Has been seeking the democratization of photography to create a level playing field for artists that gives photography communities a simple and innovative way of achieving them. “n
nIt is unclear what the Kodak ICO targets, but the company said that the January 31 token sales will be open to qualified investors, including the United States and Canada.n
n”The launch of the ICO complies with the SEC guidelines and is a securities token under Regulation 506 (c), which is a duty-free product.”n
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Coincidentally, linking a company to a blockchain or cryptocurrency appears to be the latest and most effective way for a company to rise. Long Island Iced Tea, which recently changed its name to Long Blockchain, gained fivefold. Although Clarke is firmly convinced that the new cryptocurrency will keep Kodak alive, the Financial Times said the move is “desperate to hold on.”n

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