Korea Hyundai Merchants completed its first block chain pilot on refrigerated vessels

nnn(HMM) recently completed its first block chain pilot, in a cold boat from Busan to Qingdao sailing in the inspection of the technology in a number of shipping processes in the role, and revealed that will continue to carry out The second pilot. This is in line with other world-renowned shipping company’s block chain initiatives, indicating that the technology may be in the shipping business to achieve a major breakthrough.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nHyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) has announced that it has completed its first block chain pilot through a refrigerated vessel and plans to conduct a second pilot on a common container ship.n
nHMM, along with other members of the “Shipping and Logistics Chain Chain Alliance”, dominated the block chain pilot from Busan, South Korea to Qingdao, China (August 24 to September 4).n
nHMM said, “HMM tested the block chain technology – from shipment bookings to delivery of goods through this voyage, examining the feasibility of applying the technology to transportation and logistics. We also conducted a real-time monitoring of shipboard refrigerated containers Management testing and review of the combination of block chain technology and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.n
nThe owner said that the parties shared the documents securely through public key cryptography and had paperless operations on bills of lading and booking information when the ship entered / departed.n
nThe company said:n
nn”HMM plans to conduct a second pilot through a regular container ship in October to extend the block chain technology program and networking to voyage to more destinations such as India, China and Thailand.HMM will continue to use technology Problems and system improvements to focus on the review of the block chain to be adopted at the end of this year.n
nnHMM also pointed out that in May this year, the establishment of the South Korean logistics company, government and research center of the “shipping and logistics chain chain alliance” has been carried out a variety of block chain technology for shipping logistics research.n
nIn addition to HMM, other major global shipping companies are also interested in using block chains in their own business operations.n
nAccording to a message from Wednesday, Danish shipping group Maersk has partnered with seven other companies to launch the world’s first block chain platform for marine insurance, which is expected to be commercially available in 2018.n
nLast month, Japan’s three major shipping companies, K Line, NYK and MOL, also joined a consortium to develop a transaction data sharing platform using block-chain technology. Meanwhile, PIL, Singapore International Port Group (PSA) and IBM Singapore have signed an agreement to explore and test conceptual validation to develop block-chain technology in supply chain operations.n

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