Kraken off the line Gnosis, the pound, including multiple currency pairs

nnnIn the wake of the runaway: Kara Bond, an encrypted currency exchange yesterday, made 11 pairs of “liquidity” trading currency pairs, while temporarily terminating all advanced order types, only the basic order and limit orders are not affected. As a result of 2017, the major exchanges have poured into a large number of new customers, resulting in lack of manpower, service interruption and other technical issues. So in May, Poloniex off the assembly line of 17 kinds of cottage, so that the developer team and the user feel some surprise. But so far has not received other exchanges to adjust the currency pair plan.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nThe encrypted currency exchange firm Kraken announced that it would take part in the currency pair and freeze certain types of transactions, thereby reducing the “pressure” on its infrastructure.n
nKraken on August 22 off the line of 11 “liquidity” trading currency pairs, this move to a certain extent, follow the Poloniex previously canceled some of its platform currency practice.n
nThese currency pairs include cottage coins, tokens, such as Gnosis, in particular Bitcoin and the ethertown pairs of pound currency pairs.n
n”In order to ease the pressure on the platform due to the recent growth in the market index, we will be on the offboard platform for some of the low liquidity transactions, and the suspension of all senior order types,” the exchange published a blog post.n
nSince 2017, it has been reported that major exchanges have flooded a large number of new customers, leading to technical problems such as understaffing and disruption of service.n
nPoloniex in May off the assembly line of 17 kinds of cottage, the move at the time so that the developer team and the user feel some surprise.n
nAnd this time Kraken will be off the following currency pairs and added that “there is no plan” when to re-line these currencies, but once the exchange capacity is sufficient, “is still possible” to re-line:n
nnXBT / GBPn
nnIn this adjustment process, some advanced order types will also be temporarily unavailable, only the basic order and limit orders are not affected.n
nNo further reports indicate that other exchanges have indicated that they want to adjust their currency pairs, and that resources that provide multiple tokens (such as HitBTC) will continue to provide GNO / EOS currency pairs.n

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