Kryptoradio: no Internet can also connect to the bitcoin network

Kryptoradio: no Internet can also connect to the bitcoin network

The main obstacles to the global adoption of bitcoin bitcoin is relying on the Internet network development. And now, the world’s only a small part can contact the internet. Obviously, there are other ways to contact the network. Because Kryptoradio (bitcoin transmission system based on wireless technology), the user can use the bitcoin network connection state television broadcast.

Businesses and consumers will be able to use the standard of digital television equipment connected to the network and trade. It can bring interesting effects. For example, in some areas such as the existing network patch, africa.

FIMKrypto is a cooperative project completed by the Koodilheto software. It will be the first by bitcoin and “quasi state” FIMKrypto digital currency cooperation.
Finland is the test of the plan, the project will be launched in September 1st. The network Digita, covering 95% of the territory of Finland and more than 5 million people in the population of Finland. After the end of the test period, users will be able to use it in the world.

Svante Lehtinen told Cryptocoins News in an email: Broadcast transaction data to provide trading places for applications based on bitcoin through wireless network.

Good selection and the transmission media will choose more. Diversity is the core purpose of weaving the open-source software community. Kryptoradio website quoted the bitcoin core developers Greg Maxwell:

“Blockchain transport alternative is the key to the bitcoin system success and survival.” The technology can usher in “a lot of interesting possibilities,” Lehti Chaanning said, but our focus is to provide simple and affordable turnkey merchant terminals, these terminals do not need software or network connection settings. The use of them than to enter the sales to the checkout process easier and more efficient.

Not many companies accept bitcoin. This is the widespread adoption of digital currency to hide a key. 很多比特币商业工具如雨后春笋般涌现。 But if it is more than the amount credited to the credit card needs more time, so why use it? Kryptoradio can provide another choice for customers.

Lehti Chaanning went on to talk about:
The technology in the mobile network coverage is weak or nonexistent Internet connection and the traditional business card payment terminal can not use case is very useful.

How it works

With the Kryptoradio data transmission system with a novel bitcoin bitcoin boast in the air “, which use national radio DVB-T (digital video broadcasting terrestrial transmitter) across the world. As shown above, DVB-T global coverage, in Africa on can transfer to Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, and even greenland.

Bitcoin transaction data and FIMKrypto broadcast in the radio signal and transmitted to the network is encrypted.

This new technology has many interesting implications for digital currencies. With the Facebook of the UAV and Google Internet balloon is expected to spread to a wider global audience, connecting users in the future will have a variety of options.

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