KyberNetwork closes ICO whitelist early on August 22th

nnnOn Wednesday announced that ICO plans to go to the center of the exchange KyberNetwork will be in Beijing on August 22 at 2 pm to close its white list registration. In order to protect the rights and interests of users, KyberNetwork decided to close the registration three days ahead of schedule, in order to ensure that qualified users can purchase tokens in their ICO, but the number of registrations is already very large.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nKyDNetwork announced that it will close its ICO whitelist registration three days ahead of schedule because the current number of registrations has been too much.n
nThe company announced its ICO schedule on Wednesday that qualified users could board a white list by joining KyberNetwork’s official Slack community to ensure that they had the opportunity to buy tokens in public sales. After that, the number of community users has grown by more than 26,000 people, making it one of the largest digital currency Slack communities (probably the largest).n
nAs everyone’s support is too enthusiastic, KyberNetwork announced that it will close the white paper at 2:00 pm on August 22, 2017, 3 days ahead of schedule. The company pointed out that qualified users who joined their Slack community by this point in time will be included in the whitelist and will be able to buy tokens in public sales. However, US residents (or any individuals and organizations on the sanctions list) can not purchase tokens and will conduct KYC checks on all eligible participants.n
nIn addition, in order to avoid blocking the Ethernet network, so that users have more time to participate in tokens sales activities, KyberNetwork will also extend the sale of 24 hours.n
nKyiNetwork co-founder and chief executive officer Loi Luu said:n
nn”We are grateful to you for the support of KyberNetwork, and it is one of the important achievements we have achieved through public coin sales.When we announce the news, we are listening to the community and doing Out of some changes, hoping to make our tokens sell in the long term more robust, to ensure fairness, return to our early adopters.n
nnKyberNetwork was founded by the founders of Loi Luu and Oyente and Smartpool to build the first exchange to use the innovation system to motivate reserve managers to conduct real-time and high-volume decentralized trust transactions. The exchange will have a platform for dealing with trade, payments and complex financial transactions (such as options and forward contracts), which will also serve as a payment API to allow the wallet to receive various digital tokens payments.n
nKyberNetwork provides a new system that allows any user to secure any real-time token transactions in a situation where liquidity is guaranteed to solve the liquidity problem. Their approach is to use the reserve manager, so that it can profit through idle assets. The reserve manager can make a profit by judging the spread by the service user’s request for a transaction. As the network gets more traffic through cooperation with wallet suppliers and various other tokens, the reserve manager will profit directly from the trading volume through the network effect of KyberNetwork.n
nKyberNetwork will also launch an intelligent contract interface to enable existing wallet that only receives certain specific tokens (such as receiving REP, GNT, etc.) to receive all existing or future tokens (such as PAY, CVC) Modify the tokens contract code (ie the recipient does not know that the payment is actually proxied by KyberNetwork). In other words, it enables smart contracts and recipients to access a wider range of users and receive donations and payments from any token supported by the platform.n
nKyberNetwork public tokens sales plan began on September 15th. To be whitelisted, please become a member of the KyberNetwork Slack community by August 22: https: //

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