Leave Strate: Trading pioneer Monica Singer started the block chain business

nnnTrail: Monica Singer participated in the creation of South Africa’s only central securities custodian (CSD) Strate, and contributed to his decades. But from the beginning she thought that the current process can be more perfect, but the technical restrictions. Now the block chain let her see hope, so she took the time to end all things related to the current work and duties, decided to start full-time block chain work.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nMonica Singer has some unfinished business.n
nIn 1998, when she joined South Africa’s Central Securities Depository (CSD) Strate, it was decided not only to turn the old paper-based securities trading system into a more efficient and efficient digital system. Singer also wants to remove unnecessary brokers, carry out point-to-point transactions, and on the Internet. But the technology was unable to meet this task.n
nUp to now, Singer, who helped create Strate, has been an 18-year chief executive; she thinks the chain has changed that balance and is ready to take action.n
nOn Thursday, she officially quit the company’s management positions, focusing on the chain from the financial sector, the insurance industry to the medical and retail industries.n
nSinger said that from making a decision, he has been focused on the end of the reply so the mail, complete the final management tasks, farewell decades old colleagues. August 31 finish these, Singer said it would start a new role in the area chain chain “full time” work.n
nAfter resigning, Singer explains why he believes that the block chain can eliminate the “unnecessary brokers” that she thinks.n
nn”I am so passionate about the chain of chains, so I have been doing nothing, that’s telling the world,” guys, wake up! ” It comes, it will change the world. “n
nnIn order to formally cut off his connection with the original responsibility, Singer said that he intended to resign from all the current advisory committee members, except for a number of non-profit organizations serving the people of South Africa.n
nAnd she intends to leave Strate and many South African bank headquarters in Johannesburg, to Cape Town.n
nBlock link mapn
nAlthough Singer has not yet formally decided to set up a new company or join an existing company, there is still a two-pronged action plan.n
nFirst, she plans to no longer join CSD. Although she says they are “useless” in the block chain world, but believe that CSD services or new economy needs?n
nn”I am conducting research and will continue to study full-time in order to assure them that I will find new posts for them.”n
nnSecond, she plans to use the global network to expand their influence, breaking the financial circle.n
nn”I like to say to people, ‘Tell me about your industry’, I can quickly tell them how the industry will be affected by this new incredible technology, so that’s what I have to do.”n
nnAlthough the future of their own roles have not been very sure, some specific plans have been formed.n
nIncluding a speech at the Sibos Banking Conference in October to address block-chain technology in cash and securities settlement. And then in November plans to speak at the Hong Kong Global World Federation of CSDs.n
nWith regard to the future, she hopes to work with some interested financial technology companies, such as the Synagranian Enterprise ConsenSys and Digital Capital start-up Ripple.n
nn”I am the person who is pushing the South African market from the paper process to the digital.”n
n”When I found the block chain, I think this is what the world needs.”n

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