“Left Pi” and “right Pi” in the block chain world

Editor’s note: This article from the value chain: carbon (ID:cc-value), the author: Gu Qian Feng, the daily planet Odaily authorized reprint.

“Compared to the” far right “, be more careful of the left”. In fact, the past year, countless looks very beautiful “good” project, eventually as mirage has plummeted even zero. 99% of the “good” projects belong to the “leftist” project.”

A lot of people are going to block chain industry participants divided into chain ring, ring, ring ore currency.

Today, I try to put forward a new method. Namely: left and right (i.e. Pi Pi Pi “below).

See these two words, the aged will feel head numb, don’t worry, hat will not buckle in the block chain industry, will not stand, more won’t make a mistake.

“Left and right Pi Pi just block chain industry in two different types of cognitive and business models, and there’s no right or wrong.

For example, Web3.0 is the “left Pi”, because the goal is to transform the existing defects in Internet information security, privacy protection, combining cryptography to build a trusted network.

For example, application of block chain technology in financial and insurance industry belongs to the “right Pi”, because its purpose is through the existing business process transformation block chain technology, make transactions more quickly, make the clearing more efficient, make supervision more real-time penetration.

“Pi left” and “right Pi” is no problem, but the “left” or “right” is a problem.

The “left” and “right”, is an extreme manifestation of the development of things and grasp the scale of the time. Regardless of the condition of the anxious, even is the “leftist”; spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, blindly identity reality, not keeping pace with the times, timid, timid and overcautious, is right “”.

Block chain industry is currently too?

Some friends, in the technical conditions of the blockchain bottom not mature situation blindly pursue some unrealistic scenarios, the pursuit of a completely free digital world, the pursuit of unregulated and free anonymous digital currency payment, blindly pursuing absolute privacy protection, blindly the pursuit of equal rights data, blindly pursue “code of law, blindly pursue to the center, blindly to avoid government regulation mechanism, blindly want to go to the center of the center and replace the system of Governance Maturity, blindly want to go to the center of the financial means to achieve financial freedom, such as financing by 1CO, these are” leftist “.

Most of the “leftist” Friends of York “will love Kazakhstan non national currency” and “the road to Serfdom” regarded as a classic, Tocqueville’s belief in “democracy in America” and John Stuart Muller’s “on liberty”.

Some other friends, then blindly stick center regulators face hot ass cold, in spite of point-to-point distributed characteristics of block chain technology itself, try some application scenarios center solutions have been put on the mature technology to solve the block, and then is a “poor performance” the other too tightly, or trying various means of supervision (such as currency embrace change, chain and STO), but regulators refused, and then blame the regulation is too conservative, these are the “far right”.

Whether it is “left” or “right”, is one-sided, with high risk.

“Leftist” will result from the technical objective reality, from the secular society for thousands of years the center of governance, from the legal reality formed, set out to have in-depth public order and good morals of a civilized society at the bottom. From the reality of consequences is to reject mainstream cognition in the door, and was rejected by the mainstream society, become a in a corner is the barony. If so, the distributed technology representative block chain which will die out, and if so, block chain will become a good tool to become “castles in the air, the cash flow cut chives”.

“Far right” will lead to the block chain technology thoroughly to perish, will lead to the distributed idea become a masterpiece, will lead to the center of the organization more bloated, monopoly, corruption, more likely to make unwise decisions, will lead to the source of innovation strangled, will lead the society lost vitality, will lead to young people lose hope, will lead to the social contradictions are more prominent.

In the block chain industry, whether it is “left” or “right”, will bring a fatal consequences for the industry, to achieve more impossible distributed technology and the concept of the other.

As a block chain industry investors, more is to prevent the case of “leftist” or “right” project.

Compared to beware of “far right”, “far left more careful”. In fact, the past year, countless looks very beautiful “good” project, eventually as mirage has plummeted even zero. 99% of the “good” projects belong to the “leftist” project.


We hope based on the block chain technology breakthrough, but not with the term to block chain cut chives;

We want to embrace regulation, but not abandon the distributed technology;

We hope to build a trusted network based on distributed technology, efficient, safe and fair, but not to the center of the concept to befog the minds of the people;

We hope that the self organization and ecosystem based on the creation of autonomy, but the center is not blindly lead organization;

We hope based on the protection of privacy and data security, but not absolute, and social isolation;

We hope that the algorithm based on the governance, but not the rule of man and confused management algorithm;

We hope based on the trusted network, but not to the economic and social structure of the digital future based on the existing network;

We hope that based on the Web3.0, but not the loss of power and confidence too observant of conventional standards. innovation in the world of Web2.0.

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