Legally binding smart contract? Ten law firms join the corporate ethercom federation

nnnThe Law Firm is a bridge between district chain technology, capital markets and legal fields. It is responsible for communication and intelligence contracts and asset compliance and legally binding in all areas. The ten new law firms and four legal institutions that work on block-chain technology have also become new forces in the workforce. Working Group and Union members JP Morgan Chase and others to promote the progress of the Working Group. The role of lawyers is becoming more and more important as business concerns, the development of smart contracts, and changes in organizational work processes.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nNo, the code is not legal, but if the new members of the Enterprise ETA (EEA, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) have any views on this, then this sentence may have changed.n
nThis week the league announced ten law firms and four legal institutions engaged in block-chain technology to join the alliance, including Cooley, Debevoise

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