Less than 1 years from the one hundred thousand Hangzhou million assets off the bitcoin game player diverted to sell fruit

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From March to November this year, bitcoin prices plummeted.

“I am the tragedy.” Mention of the recent slump in the price of bitcoin, a well-known Hangzhou bitcoin game player Wang (a pseudonym) told the express reporter, had the opportunity to financial freedom is now left with nothing whatsoever.

In his circle of friends, the reporter also saw a small video, several workers moved with cement car hauling machine, like garbage dump on the ground, that is the site at first glance. The yard of the mill has piled up a hill, a mess.

Machine is a necessary equipment for mining, once, a mainstream and its price in 5000 yuan of above, high time to reach 30 thousand yuan, or even a hard to find. Now, small and medium sized mines have been closed down, second-hand vehicle was crazy to sell, the price rose to 30 thousand yuan in the mill, the transfer price of only 1000 yuan. Reporter Wang Xiaoxiao

Less than 1 years from the close to returning to financial freedom

2017 at the end of the year, bitcoin prices topped $2 million, a record high. Since then, the encryption currency market downturn. The beginning of November, bitcoin fell, only a day in November 19th, less than 6 hours decline of nearly 12%, now approaching $4000.

This means that, in the last less than 1 years, bitcoin fell 80%. The price is so volatile, coin game player mood is the ups and downs of the circle.

“There have been numerous opportunities to cash. Me some 90 or even 95, last year sold 50 million yuan in cash, the average. I and a group of 80 brothers always stick to, till now, only Amitabha.” Mr. Wang is a face of helpless.

From the distance to achieve financial freedom only one step away, now living Buddha system, only one year, “heaven” to “hell”.

The specific amount is not convenient to disclose. You can understand that the carrying amount of the assets directly removed nearly two zero, from thousands to hundreds of thousands, now there is only a little fraction.” He told reporters.

In a famous bitcoin forum, the game player is “huge losses and even senior game player Starving people fill the land.”, said it had their assets loss more than 85%, “declared bankruptcy”.

Will continue to adhere to? Mr. Wang did not answer the reporter’s question, only said: “this industry is of faith.”

Mining selling coins can not afford to pay the electricity machine be crazy to sell

Affected by the price of bitcoin, its market plummeted, part of the small mine operation did not go down, there is the sale of the video in the case.

The Hangzhou game player not only bitcoin currency speculation, but also dug coins. He recalls, the mainstream vehicle prices in 5000 yuan, some hot mill prices in more than 10 thousand yuan. At the end of last year, to dig coins the hottest stage, its price directly doubled, even a hard to find, let its merchants sell Shenzhen Huaqiang North make a hard.

It is understood that the mainstream of domestic several manufacturers in North Huaqiang shipping machine. Some statistics, it became the world’s 90% mills marketing center. Peak period, mill sales occupy a building 1-7 storey Huaqiang North facade. Some people have described was crazy: “buy the machine to kneel on the ground for selling machine, sell you one is to face the.” Until February of this year, the market sentiment a sudden turn for the worse. Now, the whole machine stores only a dozen Huaqiang North, and No one shows any interest in.

“Last year, rents an office, invested hundreds of thousands, bought a dozen machines, and a few friends. Like many small miners, dig dug, and ‘dead’.” Mr. Wang explained, “once the machine is not up to the market price of money, then the machine will be shut down, because electricity can’t afford to pay.”

Small miners mining income selling coins worth but huge electricity, bitcoin prices plummeted and small mines, found no money, he was crazy to sell second-hand vehicle. “Specifically, not only electricity, this is calculated according to several variables, the current price of money, the whole network is, electricity, custodian fees, service fees. In addition, mills is need to update iteration.” Mr. Wang said.

He also revealed that there are people in the circle of dumped goods at present, there are people in the low recovery of a large number of second-hand, close to scrap machine, transport them to go abroad, some war country, there were almost no money. In the ultra short term to the post, the rest is profit, if there is a problem, the machine is directly discarded.

Hangzhou Kuangji sellers “flesh” to do micro business

By including bitcoin, virtual currency prices fell sharply, some mines have begun under the frame of mine, mine off a large area, second-hand machine is crazy dumped goods. The miners have to leave at the same time, the upper reaches of the industrial chain, vehicle sales and ore hosting providers began to switch.

When the United States western gold rush tide, you like a swarm of bees to dig gold, it is the best selling shovels and jeans. Similarly, in the first half of last year when bitcoin prices rising, there are a number of people on its business.

Xiao Yu is Hangzhou machine seller, until the end of March this year, he is still the WeChat circle of friends at mills. “Now is the best time to order machine, wait until the second half is not cheap!” “Booking machine, 100 Taiwan from the sale, delivery 2 weeks.”

In fact, in February of this year, with bitcoin prices all the way down, ore prices began diving”. “One day a price, sometimes a day fell to 1000 yuan, it is a” mine “.” Xiao Yu said.

Xiao Yu is selling machine ant mining machine S9 market, high heat. He recalls, the first sales price close to 20 thousand yuan, by the end of 2017 reached 35 thousand yuan.

At the beginning of the year, while S9 prices slightly down, Xiao Yu ordered some futures, in an attempt to sell when the market is high. At that time, he is betting that prices will rebound, as happened before.

Investment guru Peter Lynch said, you can’t see the future from the rearview mirror. Hold high parabolic heart, the last blood, Xiao Yu said, the original plan of a machine to make a million dollars, down a few thousand yuan.

In April this year, out of the stockpile on hand, Xiao Yu, completely out of the currency circle, diverted to do micro business, selling mobile phone accessories and fruit, occasionally forwarded on the blockchain news.

“The first people to seize the opportunity to make money from this wave of market in late may have lost everything.” Xiao Yu said.

Insiders: the future may also fall

Have a dream for investors, digital currency and hope?

Experienced in this round of the crash, the market began to appear extremely pessimistic expectations. Insiders say digital currency winter comes, some people say this is just the beginning of fall.

Bloomberg analyst McClung warned that the crypto currency fell momentum may become worse, he even predicted the price of bitcoin may evaporate 70%’s market value fell below $1500 mark.

The coin circle of another star Chen Weixing in the recent “new economic reconstruction, 2018 block chain Hangzhou world summit said that the encryption money market could be worse than expected.

“In the future, bitcoin prices may fall 50%. If the liquidity of this industry again fell 50%, most practitioners will drink the northwest wind. Maybe after 4 months, still active in the meeting of the practitioners feel shy up. When the market is frozen, you really want to use the time to block chain technology.” Chen Weixing said.

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