Less than a year fell by nearly 80% evaporation 1 trillion, bitcoin why short-term slump so heavy?

Since the second half of this year more than 95% of the coins are cut for many times, only the king currency bitcoin can stand a little, always adhere to keep the $6000 cost line dawdle. Why is that?

First, bitcoin and eth as the first digital currency field second IP, all digital currency is a super transfer station, a general equivalent almost in the field of digital currency in the presence of. Game player through the approach need to bitcoin digital currency conversion into other assets, departure also need to be converted into bitcoins. A lot of confidence disappeared through the “copycat game player leave,” digital currency bitcoin, Fiat, but there are also quite a few have here did not completely leave the game player, they are not convertible into legal tender, but only the copycat currency into the bitcoin hedge. This is like a reservoir, although a lot of money in the escape from bitcoin, but also have a lot of money inflows originally belonged to copycat bitcoin, so just formed a safety cushion, to maintain a relative balance, making bitcoin have also declined but not like other digital currency yixieqianli.

Secondly, 6000 knife is now bitcoin mining cost line, below the 6000 field to go bankrupt. So some time hard bifurcation events induced 6000 points fall again, and will not recover the disc like panic together caused the stampede, money madness fled, sold more low sells more and more low. Market sentiment is a very interesting thing, we often say, how many points of strong support, how much is the next floor. This is the truth. The point is to determine the price of mass scale, scale changes will affect the public sentiment, public sentiment in the market supply and demand a direct response to the high school, and we studied the supply and demand directly affect the price.

Now is different, after breaking the 6000, selling suddenly produced, and hunters always think more game player can copy the bottom. So to the 3000, a sudden turn for the worse at 4000.

The market is a multi game market size of funds in the market, the most important is the mood, the so-called consensus and confidence. Why is the idiot Li laugh is the consensus consensus, why do we say that confidence is more important than gold is the truth.

On behalf of the beginning of March this year, a wave of Dallas City is confidence and consensus effect of currency price, March when the main line network red EOS shouted loudly blockchain 3 slogans to seckill ability in handling eth, commercial floor, etc., all of them emotionally to, and last year 2 eth million times earnings history, it certainly can not miss such a new opportunity to make a fortune, bet to bet he can become. Plus EOS thief, offering far more than the number of bitcoin and Ethernet square, it is easy to do not understand the small leek fantasise thought this thing is much cheaper, buy is to make the car quickly. Then the market is rising constantly, all the money, the main line until June after we found wrong, this EOS in cattle is not achieved, not EOS, the block chain has the opportunity to become? It was so emotional confidence no consensus, currency price. The end, all the money or else? Never heard of playing mahjong all four winning right. Money is not the wind, are now cut to pay in front high over tens of thousands of times out of the people, the so-called achieves guku million is such.

Bitcoin below 6000 after and before the shock of the market is different, short of capital inflows will affect the short-term market, but the trend will not change in the short term, there is no reason more complex emotions, only two words. Now the largest coin circle giant also carry live, like the march to war when a party boss was killed, could easily lead to the failure of the war, so no nest eggs will survive in the short term, don’t expect other copycat coins as what.

What time have a chance? We had to wait for ICO STO what kind of performance, there is no market sentiment and the new consensus can be fired. If there is no more vision, more imagination, such as it was the currency circle, continue to shrink, but expect bitcoin zero is not realistic, after all, in the black market with practical value, and at least as the representative of the era as there is with vigour and vitality collection value.

Finally, once again prompted bitcoin investment is a high risk of speculation, but speculation does not mean Hu cast, never do not gamblers, stud. Spotted the trend, strategic level, tactical level control of funds, control positions, do not exceed their disposable funds 1/5. This morning saw a group of friends, assets of 3 million, in December last year began to take out 2 million to vote, until now only less than 400 thousand, now only sell cars, a child will drain the flesh, really pity. In fact, losing money is normal, more loss of tens of millions of people There are plenty of people who once the investment amount is too large, however, affect their normal life and even the lives of children is so bad.

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