Let bifurcation become history? A new genus of blockchain worlds

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Blockchain technology is now undergoing rapid change with the emergence of hot programs such as Ethereum, EOS, NEO, Ripple and IOTA. However, many discussions in the circle still focus on how to reduce volatility without prejudice to innovation and decentralization. As one of the founders of NEO, Hitters Xu is doing the same. He believes that the nebula chain represents the next generation of blockchain systems and can greatly reduce the risk of blockchain hard-fork through a proactive self-evolution mechanism. At the same time, Nebula Chain will also bring a new decentralized search framework to the blockchain world – much like Google in the blockchain world.n
Xu Yiji was once the head of the blockchain platform of Ant Financial Services (the financial company of Alibaba), a member of the former Google Anti-Cheating Group, Nebulas is the community project launched after he left the ants, Nebulas is an open source block Chain platform, hoping to lead the next generation of blockchain technology.n
To centralize the search frameworkn
From the initial centralized digital currency system to the current financial, health, advertising, supply chain and other different areas, more and more blockchain application scenarios began to emerge. Blockchain ecosystems are usher in a big explosion in trading, smart contracts and decentralized applications. In the future, it will be a challenge to find the most suitable application in the sea of ​​data with a large number of applications for decentralization.n
Xuyi Ji said:n
n”Bitcoin represents a one-dimensional linear world because the transfer of electronic cash is nothing more than your transfer to me and I transfer to you. Ethereum presents the concept of smart contracts and decentralized applications, representing the second-generation block The Two-Dimensional World of Chain Systems. With the increasing use of Ethereum, when the number of blockchain decentralized applications is as large as that of smartphones, how to find the most suitable application will be A challenge. “n
Let the hard fork into historyn
Because of their decentralization, blockchain systems can not force users to upgrade clients and protocols, so protocol upgrades in blockchain systems often result in “hard forks” or “soft forks.” The Bitcoin community has led to some controversial hard-fork incursions due to the inability to agree on block capacity. Although Ethereum’s “hard fork” temporarily solved The DAO’s problems, it also created “dual assets” like the ETH and ETC, and at the same time caused the community to split.n
A well-formed system should evolve itself, with better performance, better resilience, and user experience with less external intervention.n
In the Nebula chain, this ability to self-evolve is called “Nebulas Force (NF).” Nebula chain system makes the basic agreement and smart contracts can be smoothly upgraded. It also gives developers the ability to respond to bugs by escalating them. Xu Yi Ji tell us this:n
n”The human DNA system is like a blockchain decentralized information system where everyone has a complete DNA backup. Our DNA does not need to be diverged by bifurcation. The small, dominant genetic mutations are replaced by one Little into the entire human gene pool, the evolution of the system of nebula block chain and our DNA is very close.n
New incentive agreements build better ecosystemsn
In order to achieve the rapid growth in the number of DApps, a good developer incentive model becomes more and more important. Nebula has created a Developer Incentive Agreement (DIP) to reward the smarter contracts or DApp developers in the Nebula Index that rank higher. They can get NAS as rewards to encourage their contribution to the community. This creates a virtuous circle that encourages developers to develop high-quality DApps.n
PoW and PoS are two major consensus algorithms for blockchain. Nebula created a new algorithm, PoD (Proof of Devotion), to build a better ecosystem of blockchain.n
“PoW’s problem is to waste computer power, and PoS’s problem is to make the rich more wealthy.n
The nebula chain PoD algorithm uses the value scale evaluation system of the nebula index to find the account which has a higher contribution to the ecology and accords equal posting qualifications to curb the accounting right monopoly.n
About the nebula chain teamn
Xu Yi Ji is one of the earliest participants in the blockchain community in China.n
After first learning Bitcoin in 2012, Xu founded the BIG in 2013, a non-profit blockchain community project. In March 2014, for the first time, Ethereum unveiled its first venture in China through a bit venture and conducted a roadshow at the first Global Blockchain and Bitcoin Summit in May 2014, initiated by Xu Yiji. Xu Yiji joined Ant Financial in Alibaba in September 2016 and established the first and only blockchain platform within the Alibaba Group.n
In May 2017, Xu Yijie left Ant Financial to create the Nebulas Nebula Chain, along with Zhong Beibu, the architect of Ant Financial Services ‘blockchain platform, and Wang Guan, co-founder of the small ants’ blockchain (NEO). Nebula Chain completed its pre-sale in the first half of December 2017 and raised an ETH of US $ 60 million.n
(The above is compiled from the well-known blockchain English-language Cointelegraph’s report on the Nebulas Nebula project.)n
(Original link: https://cointelegraph.com/news/no-more-hard-forks-in-next-generation-blockchain)n

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