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nRunaway Comment: The growth in the amount of data brought by the increased number of IoT devices poses difficulties in data screening and inquiries. Hdac, a modern digital asset company that has been backed by Hyundai Motor, is beginning to incorporate blockchain technology into IoT technology. The system combines the public chain and the private chain, can improve the trading volume and transaction speed.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
One of the recent events in the digital revolution is the development of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a network of interconnected devices that communicate with each other and generate data, including the functionality of wearable devices, smart cars and smart homes. These products are connected to the Internet and generate data that makes life more comfortable and convenient for the consumer.n
However, with the transfer of user data, which estimates that the amount of data a person generates per day is 0.77 GB, it is difficult for the system to control and use the data according to its purpose. The problem is that the amount of data is huge and it makes sense to filter out the interference and get the data. As the Internet of Things grows (one expert says there will be 80 billion interconnected devices by 2025), the demand for solutions will also increase.n
Blockchain for the Internet of Thingsn
A new company called Hdac (Hyundai Digital Asset Company) created a blockchain solution to the current problem of the Internet of Things. The company is backed by Hyundai, the nephew of the carmaker’s business owner. The company uses blockchain technology for rapid and efficient communications, handling identity, authentication, and data storage.n
The system also set up a channel between Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain to process payments between the two systems. And Hdac system uses a double-stranded system, which is a public chain and a private chain, the purpose is to increase transaction speed and transaction volume. This means that the platform is suitable for both IoT devices and industrial networks.n
Because of Hdac’s flexibility, users can choose their own transaction fees, and the system allows users to create smart contracts, unlike most data systems. Eventually this system will provide IoT data processing privacy, can not be tampered with and authenticity.n
Ability to sharen
Instead of monopolizing the platform, the company decided to open up the IoT data system to the world by decentralizing it. To this end they provide users with the opportunity to participate in TGE (Token Generation Event). And by harnessing the power of the community, Hdac will be able to build new large-scale products and power up new developments with other blockchain experts.n

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