Let the financial and technology collision, so that the platform and practice Encounter – FISCO BCOS first technical salon perfect ending

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FISCO BCOS Salon under the theme of “how financial institutions are compatible with the blockchain” was successfully held on January 22 in Nanshan, Shenzhen to deeply discuss the practice and application of blockchain in the financial field. Zhang Kai Xiang, Chief Architect, Blockchain Chain of Weibang Bank, Liang Yongfu, Chief Architect of Quartet Fine Blockchain, and Li Huizhong, Mo Nanlai, Senior Architect of Blockchain Bank, Lovers made a deep sharingn

(Note: FISCO BCOS line salon activities)n
Alliance chain practice and challengesn
Sharon scene, Zhang Xiang and everyone together into the FISCO BCOS open source world, share the experience, explore the future development. With the popularization of a new generation of distributed business models, a large number of innovative businesses and product models have also emerged in the financial industry. Blockchain technology with its unique technical charm, in the technical architecture and business model to establish a link between. Among the several models of the blockchain chain, the coalition chain model with access mechanisms and regulatory oversight is even more favored by financial institutions. The FISCO BCOS alliance chain project led by the Open-source Working Group of the SNGC fully considers factors such as the special business needs of the financial institutions, existing technologies and laws and regulations, etc., and takes into consideration aspects such as platform technology construction, application landing and community operation A lot of practice.n
Block chain consensus algorithmn
From the perspective of the underlying technology of the blockchain, Li Huizhong shared the whole story of the blockchain consensus algorithm. From the definition of consensus and the case of the real world, Li believes that the root cause of the consensus is the scarcity of resources and time. At the same time, it further analyzes the origins and solutions of consensus in the computer world, tells the basic theory of distributed consistency and the development course of various existing distributed consistency algorithms. To discuss why blockchain networks need consensus, what consensus algorithms are there, and comparison of various algorithms, further leads to the challenge and future prospect of consensus algorithms.n
FISCO BCOS-based data asset trading platformn
Starting from the application of FISCO BCOS, Liang Yongfu shared the experience of actually using FISCO BCOS to develop the information exchange platform based on FISCO BCOS data assets trading platform. While solving the problems of data circulation efficiency and cost, The protection of data privacy and the control of evil nodes are also important considerations. Analyze how to use blockchain to confirm the data information and how to conduct data transaction in the condition of ensuring data security.n
FISCO BCOS business practicen
Mo Nan in-depth analysis of FISCO BCOS in the course of business implementation, the technical and architectural challenges encountered and the corresponding countermeasures, FISCO BCOS how to become able to accommodate large amounts of data to support high-frequency trading, and have high availability of the block Chain system, and explored the future of FISCO BCOS’s response.n

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FISCO BCOS Community Operationsn
December 15, 2017, the gold chain announced on the outside will be based on the BCOS platform module upgrade and functional remodeling, the final completion of the deep customization of the financial platform blockchain platform – FISCO BCOS completely open source, committed to creating a deep mutual trust Financial blockchain value community.n
The vitality of blockchain technology stems from the great contributions of the open source community and innumerable developers. Returning to the essence of blockchain technology, its initial purpose was to allow the system to function properly without human intervention and management through a series of open and fair, transparent and credible rules. Therefore, most of the blockchain technology platforms The form of open source community exists. At the core of its value is to open up the spirit of the source code as the core, to establish a standardized and long-term self-governance system, to promote continuous and orderly source code developers to improve.n
The open source community has made significant contributions to the development of the IT industry. The formation of an open source organization or open source community around open source technologies can promote the positive communication, sharing and cooperation between commercial organizations, research institutes, regulatory agencies, educational institutions, developers, users and others Collaboration atmosphere.n
This salon is part of the chain operations of the CGN blockchain, which focuses on advancing the business and related work of the open source community in the financial blockchain industry. As a member of Golden Chain Alliance and other financial institutions, technology enterprises, open source community , Regulators, international organizations and other open source areas in the block chain communication and cooperation bridge.n
The operation of block chain community is one of the key tasks of the Golden Chain Alliance. Golden Chain Alliance is committed to building an open source community of financial block chains, formulating open source community work procedures and management systems, making decisions on major development plans and guidelines for the open source community and providing major community community issues Guidance and supervision. At the same time, we support and assist in the work of the open source community, including but not limited to the open source version of the financial blockchain, forum salon, technical training, consulting, infrastructure provision and operation promotion.n
With the opportunity to create FISCO BCOS, the bottom platform for financial institutions’ blockchains, CGN will, in the form of an open source community, unite enterprises and developers who are also familiar with the business logic and blockchain technology in the financial industry to develop Technicians can not only participate in the FISCO BCOS open source project on Github, but also establish an ecosystem of financial blockchain, promote an open distributed technology collaboration mode and jointly explore distributed business applications in the financial blockchain.n
This salon is the first of the FISCO BCOS line salon activities. In the future, we will share more cutting-edge blockchain topics and host more cities. At the same time, in addition to the line salon, will also host blockchain developer competitions, technical training and other activities, and constantly enrich the community activities, with a view to the development of community and build ecology. Looking ahead, we will consolidate more and more technical resources and commercial power of members of the Golden Chain Alliance to create a deep mutual trust value community of financial blockchain. Welcome to join us to explore!n
FISCO BCOS official website: https://www.fisco.com.cn/views/technology.htmln
GITHUB Address: https://github.com/fisco-bcosn
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