Let us bear a lot of people downhearted, relive Nakamoto and “six Arhats” story

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1 2009 3, UK Times newspaper published an article titled: Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks (“finance ministers in the bank the next round of emergency the edge of the cliff”). At that time, the shadow of the financial crisis has not yet dispersed, governments are wary of dealing with economic issues. Just in the past more than a year, can be described as thrilling.

This began in the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis, and gradually evolved into a global financial crisis, even after the great depression in 1929 is considered to be the most serious economic crisis. In order to save the crisis, governments will have to come to the rescue.

9 2008 28, US Treasury Secretary Paulson proposed 7000 billion bailout; 10 month 30 day, the Japanese government announced a total of 26.9 trillion yen ($2730 billion) stimulus package; 11 9 April, Chinese government introduced 10 measures to expand the scale of investment of 4 trillion yuan in need, to promote the growth of the European countries and other countries; favorable economic stimulus intensive introduction.

The bailout money where? The answer is: india. The printing presses have started to print all. All financial institutions pay for greed.

The Cong and Adam Back 01

At that time, there are also many people criticize the people to pay the way, people began to move to change this situation, Nakamoto is one.

In 2008, Nakamoto bitcoin began writing paper.

At first he sent the mail to the British cryptographer Adam Back, asked some questions about Hashcash. Adam Back recommended another cryptographer David to him (Wei Dai) and his B-money. After Nakamoto on B-money August 22nd, sent a message to David.

(mail idea: read your papers on the B-money, I am very interested in. I’m going to publish a paper, this thesis put your ideas develop into a complete and feasible system. Adam Back noticed the similarities between our two papers, then introduce your website to me. )

In this email, we can see the prototype that Nakamoto bitcoin white paper. However, that is not called bitcoin, but “electronic cash” (Electronic Cash).

This message has not attracted the attention of David, he simply replied that he would see.

In August, Nakamoto registered with the bitcoin.org, and the protection of registered bitcoin.net, bitcoin.com is not registered for this domain has been registered by others. It seems that he is ready.

The Cong and Hal Fanny 02

2008 years 10 months 31 days, Nakamoto published a 9 page white paper “bitcoin bitcoin: electronic cash system with a point to point”.

See bitcoin white paper, Hal Fanny very excited, he immediately made contact with the Cong. After years of Hal Fanny recalls: “he (Nakamoto) seems to be the more I detest the world and its ways, idealism.”

However, only the white paper is not enough, Nakamoto should he the idea become a white paper. The product manager is Nakamoto bitcoin, bitcoin is the programmer. The next few months, Nakamoto busy implementation of the bitcoin system.

In January 3, 2009, Nakamoto dug block creation. He 18:15:05 (GMT) dug up the first 50 bitcoin. Bitcoin was born.

Nakamoto So on the day of the times the title of an article written into the creation block (the article mentioned at the beginning of the Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks).

In January 9th, the first edition of the bitcoin client, v0.1 release.

The client after the release, Hal Fanny immediately download it down, Nakamoto sent him 10 bitcoin bitcoin, completed the history of the first transaction, the time fixed in the January 12, 2009.

January 12, 2009
Nakamoto So sent Hal Fanny 10 coins

A few days later, Nakamoto Hal Fanny received several e-mails, to discuss technical issues. Usually Hal Fanny Nakamoto So reaction to Bug, let the Cong repair. Hal Fanny also tried.

In this way, bitcoin began in a small group of cypherpunks, spread quietly.

Martti Malmi and 03 in the Cong

2009, then at Helsinki Polytechnic University read the second grade Martti Malmi found bitcoin.org. The year 5 month, he gave Nakamoto email wrote: “I would like to help with Bitcoin if there s something I can do (” I want to help the bitcoin, what if there is something that I can do it).”

In fact, in connection with Nakamoto before Martti in the anti-state.org online published an article about the bitcoin article. The Martti message is still attached to his article link. Nakamoto read his article, and gave him back to the message: you understand bitcoin is completely correct. Not long after the Cong let Martti “help”, where he used his computer to run bitcoin program.

While still in College Martti can’t help Nakamoto to write code, but he can still write. Just then the bitcoin website need to write some bitcoin introduced materials to solve new problems, for example, adorable, “bitcoin is safe” “why use a bit?” Etc..

Then, Nakamoto suggested Martti write something. Nakamoto So said to Martti in the mail: “I don’t like writing, I better programming level”. Two days later, Martti Nakamoto did not live up to expectations, write a long article, seven basic questions of bitcoin. Nakamoto looked very love, then give Martti full permissions, allowing him to bitcoin website to make any changes.

In an e-mail to Martti, Nakamoto said he noticed that someone had called “currency bitcoin encryption (Cryptocurrency), then the Cong asked:” maybe we said bitcoin can use the word. You love this word?” (Nakamoto is quite lovely.)

The Cong and Laszlo Hanyecz 04

In 2010, bitcoin gradually began to expand the influence.

In May 22nd, Florida Laszlo Hanyecz programmers spend ten thousand bitcoin bought two pizzas, became the first real pen bitcoin trading history, the two pizza became the most expensive pizza. To commemorate this day, May 22nd is also known informally as the “bitcoin pizza day”.

In fact, Laszlo Hanyecz also had contact with nakamoto. In 2010, Laszlo and Hanyecz began to dig bitcoin. Of course, as a programmer he was not satisfied with this, he would like to do something for the bitcoin development. He gave Nakamoto email, expresses his ideas, Nakamoto Satoshiya agrees. Subsequently, Nakamoto sent him to let him go to complete some tasks.

However, according to the Laszlo Hanyecz memory, the whole process is more weird (weird)”. Laszlo Hanyecz recalls: “I think bitcoin is great, I want to get involved, but I do have a job, but Nakamoto will send an email to me directly,” said you can modify the Bug? ” “Can you do this?”.” Laszlo Hanyecz the development of bitcoin as a sideline, part-time, and Nakamoto So put him as a full-time employee.

“He (Nakamoto) said,” we have the Bug, we need to repair them. “I thought we?? We are not a team, okay.”

But Nakamoto is not love Laszlo Hanyecz spend too much time in the mining.

The Cong and Gavin Andresen 05

In 2010, Gavin Andresen InfoWorld first contact with bitcoin, then conquered by it.

In June 12th, Gavin Andresen Nakamoto issued the letter to BitcoinTalk, with Nakamoto made contact.

Gavin Andresen is an experienced programmer, gradually involved in the development of bitcoin, and obtained Nakamoto enough trust, slowly to perform more programming tasks. Later, Nakamoto exit, Gavin Andresen took over the development of bitcoin.

In 2010, along with the increasing popularity of bitcoin, bitcoin transactions demand began to increase. A lot of things happened during this period:

2 6, Bitcoin Market was established, it is the first bitcoin exchange.
7 17, Mentougou.
In November 6th, bitcoin market capitalization of $1 million.
In December 16th, the first Slushpool starts running out of mine pool mining block.
In December 3rd, someone in a posting to BitcoinTalk for WikiLeaks (WikiLeaks) contact, hope that WikiLeaks can use bitcoin. In this regard, expressed concern about Nakamoto replies, he replies: “I have to appeal to Wikileaks, do not use bitcoin. Bitcoin is a very small community”. Nakamoto So believes that bitcoin needs to develop slowly, gradually become strong.
In December 11th, the post again, said: “Wikileaks has to poke the hornet’s nest, a wave of wasps in coming to us.”
In December 12th, Nakamoto published last post retreat in BitcoinTalk, and did not appear again.

Nakamoto So’s last post keynote:
Add a DoS attack, remove the security mode

In fact, this is not the Nakamoto made his last appearance, three years after it was revealed in 2014 he also once, this behind us again.

Mike Hearn and 06 in the Cong

After 2010 years 12 months 12 days, he and others kept e-mailing. Including Mike Hearn. (in fact, early in the 2009 years 4 months, Mike Hearn gave Nakamoto email asking questions about bitcoin. After repeated contact, Mike Hearn obtained Nakamoto trust gradually involved in the development of bitcoin in the past, they have been contacted by mail).

In April 20, 2011, Mike Hearn gave Nakamoto email. He said in a message: “I had a few other things on my mind (as always). One is, are you planning on rejoining the community at some point (eg for code reviews or is your), plan to permanently step back from the limelight? (I have something to ask a few. Yes, you will return to the bitcoin community to? For example, do code review, or are you going to permanently quit?)”

In April 23rd, Nakamoto replied: “I ve moved on to other things. It in good hands with Gavin s and everyone. (I have been transferred to other things. Bitcoin in Gavin’s hands and we do well. )”

From then on, no one can contact nakamoto.

07 Nakamoto last appeared

But surprisingly, after three years of stealth, Nakamoto appeared in March 7, 2014, P2P Foundation, sent a message: I’m not Dorian Nakamoto. When the whole world is looking at Nakamoto, Newsweek issued a document that they found Nakamoto So, now American engineer Dorian Nakamoto.

From now 4 years, Nakamoto never appeared.

The identity of the 08 in the mystery of Cong

After Nakamoto So retired, did not hinder the development of bitcoin. He took the initiative to the development of Andresen, led by his bitcoin development.

With the gradual increase of effect of bitcoin, a high price, people are increasingly curious: who is Nakamoto So? Although Nakamoto So and many people have e-mail contact, but he never mentioned his private life, where he lived, what all not to mention.

If someone asked these questions, he never answers, so everyone on the little Nakamoto Soichi. Hackers, reporters, friends and other troops have been dispatched to search, nakamoto. This process is tortuous and bizarre, then simply say a few words.

Someone of his mail, find the location of the bitcoin.org, using a variety of means, until now, have not found nakamoto.

Of course, during this period, there are all kinds of speculation, some people think that Hal Fanny is in the Cong, some people think that Saab is even Nick Nakamoto So, who claimed to be Nakamoto, of course, finally there is no sufficient evidence to confirm these views. Until 2018, who is in the Cong is still a mystery. For Nakamoto, we only know the following information:

A British newspaper he read (write the block content is the title of an article);

He claimed to be Japanese, but English is very fluent, he uses British English spelling, such as his “favour” (American English as “favor”); “colour” (American English as “color”); “grey” (American English as “gray”); “modernise” (Mei Shiying language “modernize”).

He meets the time in the United States in the online posting time.

So, there is speculation that he might be a British man living in the United states.

09 Nakamoto more cattle?

Nakamoto So’s cattle is reflected in two aspects:

The first point: hidden identity
In this Internet era, Nakamoto can completely hide their identity in the world, so many hackers, the reporter could not find him, showing his technique is how cattle!

The second point: bitcoin
As bitcoin Nakamoto’s invention, embodies the Nakamoto idea.

A few small episode, V (for God, is the creation of the etheric Fang V God) said in an article, when Nakamoto bitcoin design, avoid some pitfalls naturally or half unconsciously:

  • Bitcoin address is the public key hash value

Why bitcoin does not directly use the public key as the address? Also once again a hash operation? Is a waste? Using the public key hash has an advantage, if quantum computers appeared, quantum computer is still very difficult to crack the hash key, and quantum computer can be an easy job to do to break the public key. So, in theory, bitcoin is no need to worry about the quantum computer (at least to find a solution for our time).

  • 21 million of the total limit

Many people are wondering why the total bitcoin is 21 million, why not 31 million, not 210 million? It is 21 million. First of all, this number is far less than 64 times of 2 minus 1, which is the largest integer a computer which can be stored in standard integer, more than the value, value will return to zero as the odometer like. Secondly, there are a number of “cong” always try to lower the threshold smaller: you can use the floating-point format maximum integer possible. If the Cong then chose 210 million instead of 21 million of the value, in many languages programming than now will Ribet currency more trouble.

  • Elliptic curve encryption algorithm

Simply means that bitcoin does not use conventional encryption algorithm, but the use of the elliptic curve encryption algorithm Koblitz, from the U.S. National Security Bureau left in the encryption standard in the back door.

There is an interesting thing.

Nakamoto So registered account at the P2P Foundation forum, this is a discussion of P2P Technology Forum, Nakamoto in birthday is 1975 years 4 months 5 days.

Nakamoto So in the P2P Foundation home page

Ordinary people might think this is an ordinary day, but there is a bit of a doorway. In April 5, 1933, President Roosevelt signed the government decree 6102, the provisions of all U.S. citizens holding gold is illegal. The purpose of doing so is to let the United States debt devaluation against depression. A universal pay approach.

Until 1975, the president of the United States Ford signed a bill to legalize gold, US citizens can legally hold gold again. In fact, Ford is 74 signed the bill, Bill time is 1974 years 12 months 31 days, that is a citizen of the United States in 1975 years can legally hold gold again. A combination of 1975 and 4 5 April is not like a coincidence, is more like the Cong intentional.

In a word, although Nakamoto So disappeared, but he brought us bitcoin blockchain and. They not only subvert our perception of the traditional monetary system, but also reshaping every aspect of our lives.

Perhaps the future bitcoin can not really replace legal currency, but it brings the influence, brought to the center of the concept, will be rooted in the world. This is a social experiment perhaps has just begun……

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