Li Xiaolai, the richest bit of bitcoin, came out of the river and returned to the Hong Kong stock company CEO, the new target or the money?

To be a senior executive of a listed company

Li Xiaolai, the richest man in China, had a new position a few months ago.

In December 3rd, the male shore Technology Group Co., Ltd. announced that Li Xiaolai was the executive director of the male shore technology and joint CEO, which was mainly responsible for stabilizing the digital money system construction (focusing on the international mainstream currency), the public database and other projects based on the DAG and TEE technology, as well as other projects related to the application of the block chain technology. The announcement did not clear Lee’s future salary and term of office.

The male shore technology was registered in the Cayman Islands and was listed on the Hongkong stock exchange in March 20, 2017, according to the information of the male shore science and technology website. The main business is to provide real estate services and undertake construction projects in Singapore. It is intended to expand new business in the block chain and financial technology sector, including the operation, maintenance and management of the data center of block chain technology and other high performance data processing facilities, operation digital asset trading platform and the provision of block chain strategic advisory services.

The annual report issued by Xiong shore technology in 2017 showed that the total revenue of male shore technology in 2017 was 25 million 200 thousand Singapore yuan (about RMB 126 million 400 thousand yuan), and the net profit was 7 million 276 thousand Singapore yuan (about 36 million yuan). Its revenue consists mainly of office building services and construction and construction projects.

SHIS LTD, the predecessor of the male shore technology, is a holding company. As a local contractor in Singapore, it mainly provides integrated building services and building construction services. In May 14th this year, SHISLimited announced that the Hangzhou male shore fund agreement bought a total of 72.29% shares held by the top two shareholders of SHIS. In September 12th, Hong Kong stock listed company SHIS LTD announced that it was renamed “Xiong shore technology” and opened up the block chain business on the basis of the original business.

According to the latest financial report issued by the male shore technology, as of September 30, 2018, the revenue of male shore technology in 6 months was 22 million 500 thousand Singapore yuan, about 113 million yuan, 10.7%, and 6 months net profit of 2 million 270 thousand Singapore yuan, about 11 million 370 thousand yuan, down 37% from the same period. The block chain business sector is still in the preparatory stage, and no profit has been produced.

According to the earlier information released by the male shore fund, Lee has a 49% stake in Hangzhou male shore Cci Capital Ltd (the main business provides investment management services to investors) “Hangzhou male bank”, and Yao Yongjie, another executive director of the male shore technology, has a 51% stake.

In April 9th of this year, the founding ceremony of the Hangzhou District chain industrial park was announced. But this is just the surface of the male shore fund. According to the previous media reports, the fund was set up by the Yuhang district government, the future scientific and Technological City Management Committee and the Hangzhou Cci Capital Ltd. The fund has reached 100 billion yuan.

According to the published information, the total size of the fund is 10 billion RMB. It is managed by Xu Xiaoping, a fund consultant, and the male shore fund management company, which is formed by the joint venture of Li Xiaolai and old cats by Xu Xiaoping.

Once resigned from the recording door

According to people familiar with the situation, Li Xiaolai joined the male shore in April, and only less than 3 months after he dropped out. “A lot of cooperation between the male shore funds had not been able to carry out, so Li Xiaolai did not completely decouple the male shore.” Industry and commerce data show that the shares held by Li Xiaolai on the male shore fund did not change before and after he left.

Li Xiaolai had an early brush with technology. In May of this year, Yao Yongjie, the Hongkong male shore technology, declared that it would not exclude the possibility of co – working with the company, Li Xiaolai, the founding partner of the male shore fund.

In the past year, Li Xiaolai has been pushed to the top of the wind and waves many times.

In July this year, a recording of Li Xiaolai’s private conversations was exposed and the “recording door” was triggered, making “cut leek” the most distinctive personal label. The open more than 50 minute talk includes Li Xiaolai’s views on the mainstream digital currency, such as the ether Fang and EOS, and his successful bull bear market investment strategy, and derogatory to many well-known figures and well-known projects in the industry. Li Xiaolai then responded in an interview with the media, saying, “the recording told the truth that I cut the leek to be unsuccessful.”

After the recording door, Li Xiaolai again Chen Weixing’s scold war. In July 9th, Li Xiaolai, who tore up with Chen Weixing micro-blog, finally resigned as a partner in the management partner of the male shore fund for fear of affecting the reputation of the male shore fund.

At the end of July, Li Xiaolai’s new book, “self – cultivation of leek” was published, intended to open his own investment principles, indicating that the new book is “the road of the leek’s advance, written to every person’s Survival Guide”, but is considered to be a “straight” person who has not successfully washed white on shore.

In September 30th, Li Xiaolai said micro-blog said it would not make any more investment in the project and was ready to take a few years to take it seriously. As for what to do next, he said, “I haven’t thought well yet.”

New targets to stabilize the currency?

Never thought well to think well, Li Xiaolai didn’t have to take too long. Moreover, the layout of the male shore science and technology in the area of the block chain has begun to emerge.

According to the South China Morning Post in September, the male bank fund plans to raise HK $100 million to invest in a stable currency project linked to the yen. The project is expected to be launched at the end of this year or early next year with a medium sized Japanese bank. The future will also explore the stable currency linked to the Hong Kong dollar and the Australian dollar.

Yao Yongjie, chairman of the male shore technology, said that the founding partner of the male shore global block chain innovation fund (male bank fund) was cooperating with a medium-sized Japanese bank to launch the stable currency. The company will raise funds for the stable currency USDT for the qualified investors outside China, which will be listed on a digital currency exchange.

Yao Yongjie also said he hopes to launch the above yen peg before the end of this year or early next year, and then the male bank will explore the stable currency of the Hong Kong dollar and the Australian dollar. “We believe that digital currency traders and exchanges will be potential recipients of these stable currencies.” He said.

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