Liberty X provides bitcoin sales for the 2500 retailers

Liberty X provides bitcoin sales for the 2500 retailers

Liberty Teller is a bitcoin ATM operating company, responsible for the management of the installation in the United States such as Harvard, MIT, near the location of the bitcoin ATM machine, the company now renamed Liberty X, and announced that the 33 states expand to the United States, more than 2500 new area.

The statement marked this company is located in Boston ushered in the rapid expansion of the company and the makers of the Qpay transaction processing company, jointly launched the territory of the United States to buy bitcoin service mobile phone terminal and convenience stores based on cash. Liberty X currently operates four bitcoin ATM machine, with plans to collaborate with Qpay, it will upgrade their business.

The company has been MassChallenge enterprise team accepted in the summer, one of the founders of Chris Yim said that the company said, Liberty X will try to transition from the ATM direction, the cash to buy bitcoin business to choose more cash.

Yim told Coindesk: “the bitcoin ATM machine if you look at the Harvard University we installed position, you will find the machine use frequency is particularly large, because many transactions, many personnel in the area of import. However, geographically, the territory of the United States position is very wide, we want to ensure that you can use it as the extended local bank as easy to buy bitcoin.”

Yim then said that the cooperation with Qpay will allow companies to provide the lowest fee to buy bitcoin cash option for the customer, because with the addition of around retail stores, those for the installation and management of bitcoin ATM machine costs can be reduced.

He added that the service take zero fee for new users, the purpose is to attract more new users to join.

To buy bitcoin

If the customer wants to buy bitcoin through cooperation with Liberty X retail stores, they must create an account on the Internet, bind their mobile phone number, and provides services such as name, date of birth and other identity information.

Then these customers enter their zip code, and the network will provide a real-time map for the user to tell the customers their nearest point of purchase.

According to the steps of the operation site guidance, to help users to find the point of purchase. The purchase price of $50, $100, $200 or $300. Submit payment, the customer will be a good PIN, then the PIN user submitted to the Liberty X website, the website will be after the bitcoin payment to the customer previously created a personal account.

Some comments that the retail store clerk may be the processing and checkout get confused, Yim on this argument a contemptuous disregard. He said: “retailers really need to do is to provide cash payment channels, accept cash, then users get bitcoin, then this is the whole process of our signature.”

Actively support the traditional financial

Yim from the general to the business of bitcoin ATM machine as necessary for the transition to the bitcoin industry, although he believes the importance of ATM machine with time more and more small.

He said: “I think bitcoin is a very good product, should be integrated into the traditional ATM machine on all. If the special creation of new ATM machine, used alone to access digital currency, it is not realistic.”

Yim also suggested that if the ATM operating companies to accept bitcoin, they will have a new way to increase income, this idea has been such as electronic funds transfer association (EFTA) and ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) is proposed.

Yim concluded that their company is ready with the transition location itself, he said: “I want to work for any ATM company or bank partners, I would love to.”

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