Lightning Network Preview: Ethernet Square Expansion Solution Released Developer Demo

nnnRaiders Comments: Ethernet Square, similar to thunderbolt lightning network, are block chain expansion program, part of the solution is to transfer most of the transactions under the chain, thereby reducing costs and improve transaction processing speed. At present, the lightning network has released a preview, in order to allow developers to familiar with the relevant payment channel technology and its development interface, and further improve the network to provide useful feedback.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe Raiden Network is an expansion program that aims to increase the speed of payments and reduce the cost of payment. At present, the program has released a preview of the test.n
nIn order to allow developers to familiarize themselves with the payment channel technology and its APIs before the program is officially released, and for potential feedback, the preview can not be used in the Ethernet segment of the Ethernet segment, since security audits have not yet been done.n
nLightning network team said:n
nn”We want developers to check out the release, start the centering application modeling, discover and submit vulnerabilities, and help us improve the lightning network in order to release the minimum viable version.”n
nnThe thunderbolt network, published in 2015, is the decision to expand capacity for the expansion of most of the transactions to the east of the main chain of the tower, thus significantly increasing the speed of transactions and possibly reaching millions of transactions per second.n
nLightning also supports tokens, that is, users do not need to trade on a centralized platform, and the API of the network can support interactions between de-centric applications (dapps).n
nIn short, last week developers have deployed a lightning test network, the solution seems to be a big span into the production stage.n
nBut the specific time is not clear. Lightning Network in the statement mentioned the reasons for the time limit is not clear, “payment channel network technology is more difficult than expected, its complexity beyond most of the general software development challenges.”n
nTo showcase the progress of the project, developers recently released animated video contributed by GitHub (more than 2,000 submitted over the past six months). And has released a visual interactive version of the lightning test network.n

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